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10 Ways To Boost Your Mental Health
Everyone wants to be happy, and mental wellness has an important role to play in achieving that goal. Keeping in mind the current situation of the world with the COVID-19 pandemic, you are bound to feel stressed and anxious. Mental wellness, however, requires some effort, in the same way, physical health does.

by Gopi Kanani

The 9 Shades Of Passive Aggressive Behavior
Have you checked on your aggression yet?

by Kinnari Jariwala

5 Ways You Can Use Meditation To Boost Your IQ
Meditation clears the mind, balances the connection between the body and mind, and makes you intelligent too!

by Art Of Living

5 Fitness Commandments For Every Man
Celebrating Men's Day With Some Health & Workout Tips.

by Tehzeeb Lalani

5 Definitive Tips To Energize Yourself
Life hacks for energizing yourself and giving your lifestyle a healthy makeover.

by Art Of Living

How To Become A Morning Person
Go From Being An Owl To A Lark!

by Marti Kilpatrick

Common Dream Symbols And What They Mean
Know more about interpreting your dreams

by Prachi Joshi

Four Steps To Beat A Bully At Work
Steps to overcome being bullied at work.

by Marti Kilpatrick

5 Ways To Tackle Stress At Work
Work getting you down? Don't let it

by Art Of Living

5 Best Meditation Apps
Your smartphone says relax

by Art Of Living

Building Courage With Meditation
More effective than liquid courage. Really

by Art Of Living

5 Simple Ways To Combat Stress
5 simple hacks to drive that stress out of you

by Art Of Living

Meditate For A Healthy Lifestyle
How meditation enhances overall wellness

by Art Of Living

Introduction To Movement Therapy
Can simple movements be therapeutic? Yes, says Dilshad Patel

by Dilshad Patel

Meditation : It'S More Than Just In Your Head
Can meditation actually help you get fitter, physically? Yessir.

by Marti Kilpatrick

How To Deal With Pre-Exam Stress
Prepping for that final test making you crazy? Dr.Kanan shows you how to cope

by Dr. Kanan Khatau Chikhal

Eat To Please
Emotional eating can sabotage your healthy lifestyle

by Kinnari Jariwala

Lucid Dreaming
Dream control doesn't just happen in movies, you know

by Semanti Ray

Golf: A Sport Or A Mind Game?
Any golfer will tell you, it's all (mostly) in your head

by Semanti Ray

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of What?
Here's why you should analyse your dreams

by Art Of Living

What Is Laughter Yoga?
Have they all gone mad? No son, the joke's on you

by Prachi Joshi

Improving Communication Skills With Yoga
How Yoga helps hone interpersonal skills

by Vishwas Kharote

Channel Your Energy!
How do you channel that pent-up aggression positively? Sumedh Mane shares his experience.

by Sumedh Mane

Insomnia And Stress: The Deep Connection
While you lie awake in bed counting sheep, you have nothing but your stressful schedule to blame. And while it is true that staying busy doesn?t necessarily mean you are under stress, sadly it?s the case with most of us.

by Yooti Bhansali

What'S Your Position On Sleeping?
Sleeping is supposed to be good for health, right? But, what if you?re harming yourself while you sleep?! Take a look at the lowdown on what are the best and worst positions to sleep in.

by Kinnari Jariwala

5 Minute Stress Fixes
Finding it hard to get through your day because you are just feeling stressed out? Relax in a jiffy with these quick, five minute fixes!

by Kinnari Jariwala

Tai Chi For Body, Mind And Soul
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art form which can be practiced for self defense, as well as just for general health benefits.

by Shekhar Ruparelia

The Hidden Truth In Your Dreams
Dreams are your body's way of communicating with you. Listen to them carefully, says Dr. Chikhal.

by Dr. Kanan Khatau Chikhal

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