Anger can lead to many problems in our life, physical & emotional. It can avalanche to bigger problems in life, on the personal & work-front and it can lead to wasting quite a lot of time in thinking about events that may have upset you or any of your family members in the process.

Getting angry is an acceptable emotional response to some situations. It also involves the process of learning to recognise your emotions & having control over them, which can be healthy for you & the people around you. Learning to manage your anger is a quality/skill that can be learned over time. 

Anger can become problematic if left unchecked, as it may lead to multiple issues, physically, socially & also mentally. Thus, anger management techniques come to the rescue that helps you discover your management techniques & helps you understand other healthy ways of expressing your anger & other emotions.

Whenever we feel angry, we feel a rush of energy through our bodies. Exercising is a great way to channel the energy towards physical activity, as it has many other benefits too. Exercising can help reduce stress, build tolerance and it can also be a great way to gain some perspective on the situation that made you angry.

Here are some fitness activities that can help with your anger management:


This workout form can be a great way to channel your anger into increasing your strength & endurance. A calisthenics workout can be incorporated into any workout routine like HIIT & Crossfit, as Calisthenics, a form of functional training, can be used as a foundation for strength-training workouts. While you can do it anywhere like your balcony or terrace, you can find many calisthenics gyms or calisthenics parks near you that have the equipment you need for an effective workout.

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Yoga is a great way to de-stress. It is known to calm one’s body & mind as the fitness form revolves around slow & steady movements along with breathing techniques. Stretching out the body can increase flexibility and will help you get clarity regarding your emotions. Depending on the level of Yoga, you are likely to experience an intense workout that will be helpful in lowering the blood pressure that builds from all the anger.

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Cardio - Run/Brisk Walk

Cardio has been a great way to let off some steam. You could choose to run or a brisk walk to help deal with your anger. A great way to level up can be to sprint in intervals as it can help with relieving some stress & you will be able to focus all the energy in one activity.

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