Are your dreams full of twists and turns, in Technicolor glory? Yep, sounds about right. Most of the times, our dreams get us thinking and wondering whether there is a hidden message there somewhere. Sometimes, you may find your deepest hopes or fears being played out in your dreams. Here, lets demystify some of the common dream symbols.

  • Animals – represent your habits or some aspects of your personality. Each animal has its own symbolism. Generally, if you’re fighting with an animal, it means that you dislike a particular habit or an aspect of your personality.
  • Baby – represents a new idea or a new start. It could do with a new project that you have started or a new responsibility undertaken.
  • Clothes – they represent how you express yourself or how others see you. If you dream that you’re washing clothes, it signifies that you’re trying to change some personality traits. New clothes denote changed opinions.
  • Death – indicates change or transition. Alternatively, if you dream of someone who is no more, it’s an attempt at resolving conflicts that you couldn’t when the person was alive.
  • Examinations – signify that it’s time for reflection and evaluation. It could also symbolise some stress in your daily life.
  • Falling – this is a very common theme and symbolises your return to consciousness. There is no truth in the common belief that if you’re falling in your dream and you hit the floor, you will die.
  • Food – denotes knowledge or nourishment for your mind. Different foods have varying interpretations; e.g. if you dream of cake it could mean that you need to learn to delegate.
  • House – represents your mind. An empty house indicates insecurities; if you’re cleaning a house it denotes self-improvement.
  • Money – denotes exchange of value. If money is being used to buy a house, it indicates investment towards the future.
  • Mountains – indicate challenges or obstacles in your life.
  • Teacher – usually indicates that you need some help or advice in your life.
  • Teeth – falling teeth is another common dream and denotes an inability to deal with responsibilities. Brushing your teeth points towards a poor self-image.
  • Water – represents your life experiences. Boiling water indicates a lack of control over emotions. Muddy water is a sign to shed excess baggage in life.

Dream Interpretation

For dream interpretation to work well, you need to record your dream as soon as you wake up, while you can still recollect it vividly. Having a pen and notebook at your bedside table will help.Write down what you saw and highlight anything that impressed you. Even the most trivial symbol can be important when you’re trying to analyse your dream. Also note down any symbols as well as your reactions to what was happening in the dream. Determine your dream’s underlying theme and then look it up in a reliable dream dictionary. Some of the common dream symbols have been listed above. There are several online resources that you can refer to learn about others. The aim of dream interpretation is to understand your dreams and then using your learning to address your hopes and fears and bring about positive change in your life.

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