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General TnC


Grand Diwali Offer Campaign (10-24 Nov) 

If the user purchases during the duration of the Grand Diwali Offer campaign, he is eligible for the Diwali Dhamaka Bonus worth INR 70000 (refer to subsection F) All purchases are eligible for complimentary services worth upto INR 7500 on all purchases (refer to subsection G)


A.On OnePass Red and Lite, discount is applicable as follows-

- User will get FLAT 50% off on 1 Year OnePass Red & Lite

- On the other OnePass Red & Lite, user will get upto 50% Off 

- This discount varies across different types of OnePass

- OnePass memberships are currently offered at the lowest rates

- Interest-Free EMI available

- Basis government regulations/guidelines, gyms/studios are currently functioning in selected cities only

 - In Sharing Memberships, the workout sessions will be counted on the basis of per head usage and will be deducted from total sessions bought

- This offer cannot be clubbed with any other existing offer

- Maximum discount offered is of INR 16000


B. On OnePass Virtual, discount is applicable as follows-

- Upto 50% Discount On OnePass Virtual 

- Discount varies across different types of OnePass Virtual

- Maximum discount offered is of INR 5300

- Interest-Free EMI available


C. On Gym & Studio Memberships, code- GYM50 is applicable as follows-

1) At select gyms & studios, there is a flat 50% off 

2) On certain gyms & studios the discount is upto 50% off

3) This offer cannot be clubbed with any other existing offer

4) Start Date for All gym & studio memberships can be set on any date within 60 days from the day of booking

5) Interest-Free EMI is applicable on all memberships 

6) In the case of lockdown due to COVID-19, ban on usage of fitness centers or any other COVID-19 related restriction by the Government, Fitternity is not liable to provide a refund 

Kindly note: Keeping in mind the safety of users, no bookings can be made till the government deems fit in cities where gyms and studios have not resumed services


D. On Fitternity LIVE Pay As You Go (Pay Per Session/ Session Packs):  

Get 50% Instant Discount On First Booking with Fitternity LIVE, Use Code: FIRST50

1) Code: FIRST50 gives the user an instant discount of 50% up to INR 50 + Assured Gifts Worth Upto INR 7500

2) This offer is valid only once per user on their first booking via Fitternity LIVE


E. On Personal Training Sessions (Virtual & Physical): 

- Up to 50% Off on all Personal Training Sessions Packs 

- Discount varies across different types of personal training sessions packs

Coupon code PTFREE will give you the following:

- Your first personal training session for INR 1 only

- The session is priced at INR 1 for authentication purposes and will not be refunded by Fitternity

- This code is applicable only on 1 Session offering, once per user

- This offer is not applicable to Group Sessions


F. Diwali Dhamaka Bonus Reward

-3 winners will be selected via lucky draw per week (Week 1: 10-16 Nov, Week 2- 17-24 Nov) In total, there will be 6 winners

- Users with any purchase on Fitternity platform (App + Website) will be eligible to win Diwali Dhamaka Bonus rewards in week 1. Only OnePass Red purchases will be eligible for Diwali Dhamaka Bonus rewards in week 2

- Diwali Dhamaka Bonus include Apple Airpods, Fossil Smart watch, Amazon gift card worth INR 7000, At home gym equipment, MyProtein voucher worth INR 10,000 and smart speakers totally amounting to INR 70000

-Each user stands a chance to win 1 item from the array mentioned above

-Winners will be announced within 7-10 working days via email/calls/social media from Fitternity

- Diwali Dhamaka Bonus reward winners will not be eligible for Assured Rewards 

- These items are offered as a gift & will not be charged for by Fitternity

- Once delivered, these products cannot be returned or exchanged

- User may either receive the reward physically or a gift voucher to redeem the reward

-Winners will be chosen solely on Fitternity’s discretion and will not be questioned

-This offer is applicable once per user

- Fitternity will not be liable for the external Diwali Dhamaka Bonus rewards

- Goods are damaged after shipping will not be replaced

- For any further information related to the reward received, contact the production company 

-Fitternity holds the right to withdraw the offer


G. Complimentary Services By Fitternity

-Complimentary services are applicable with all purchases on Fitternity platform (app and website)

-User can redeem only 1 Complimentary services of his choice

-Details of the Complimentary services will be communicated to the user via email after 7-10 working days of his purchase

-Complimentary services include 

a) Prerecorded Workout Classes From Top Celebrity Trainers- FitTV Worth INR 1500

b) 2 Wellness Virtual Personal Training Sessions Worth INR 1300

c) Access To 1 #30DayTransformation Challenge By Celebrity Trainers Worth INR 1999

d) Fitternity Merchandise- Gym Bag and Shaker Worth INR 2500

- User will need to fill out a form to redeem and choose his reward

- If the form is not filled in a preset duration, then the reward opportunity expires

- The total value of the assured gifts is INR 7500

- User may either receive the reward physically or a gift voucher to redeem the reward

- Assured gifts will not be applicable to users who receive the Diwali Dhamaka Bonus reward 

-This offer is applicable once per user

-Fitternity holds the right to withdraw the offer


H. Redemption Of Cashback received from Fitternity is applicable as follows:

 1) The cashback will be added to your Fitternity account as FitCash (1 FitCash = INR 1) 30 days after the start date on your OnePass

2) The FitCash received can be utilized only to buy an OnePass

3) The validity of your FitCash is 30 days starting from your OnePass expiry date

4) The maximum discount redemption a user can avail on the application of FitCash (received on purchase of OnePass/ added directly into the user’s wallet) and/or discount code is as follows:

        - 45% on 1 Month OnePass Red and OnePass Lite

        - 30% on OnePass Red and OnePass Lite

5) This offer cannot be clubbed with any other existing offer


I. Affiliate discount code

-User can only use any affiliate discount coupon code once

-This offer cannot be clubbed with any other existing offer

-Details of the offer will be communicated to the user case by case

-No additional discount code is applicable on the following 

a)OnePass Red and Lite- 1 year

b)OnePass Red and Lite- Trial

c)OnePass Virtual Select Trial, 3 months (18 sessions) and 3 months (Unlimited)

d)OnePass Virtual Premium 3 months (18 sessions) and 3 months (Unlimited)




  • Your membership start date can be changed after purchasing the membership from your user profile
  • You can change the start date 3 times, however, you have to select a start date within 30 days from your purchase date for a gym membership & 15 days from the purchase date in case of a group class or other memberships
  • For any Offer-related queries refer to
  • Memberships once purchased are not transferable or resalable
  • If you want to cancel the membership, please contact 02261094444 or write to us within 24 hours from the time of your membership purchase.
  • For any Refund/ cancellation queries refer to
  • Freezing / Transfer of membership is the sole discretion of the service provider basis their terms & conditions.
  • In case of non-consumption of your membership after your membership period lapses, a refund/extension is not applicable
  • If the service partner shuts down their gym/studio or discontinues their services - Fitternity is not responsible for a refund/transfer of membership. The aforementioned is in the hands of the service partner.
  • All refund amounts that are credited in the customer’s bank account within 3-4 business days in accordance with the terms that may be stipulated by the bank which has issued the credit/debit card
  • If your membership purchase is refunded or cancelled - Fitternity reserves the right to retrieve the Fitternity rewards offered to you on the time of your membership purchase.
  • Fitternity's decision on refunds shall be at their sole discretion and shall be final and binding
  • Fitternity reserves the right to modify the terms & conditions at any given time without prior notice to any customers.

Session Pack

  • It's a mandate to schedule your session prior to your session time or scan the QR code available at the gym on the Fitternity App to avail your session.
  • If you end up utilizing a session at the gym/studio without a booking confirmation prior to your session time, you are eligible to pay the cost of the session.
  • The period to utilize session packs for the unlimited validity package is 24 months from the time of the start date of the program.
  • There will be no refund initiated in the form of Cash/Fitcash if you haven't utilized your session pack program within the period of membership duration.
  • The session pack membership is non-transferable to a third person.
  • If the sessions are unattended, it cannot be rescheduled/refunded in the form of Cash/Fitcash.


  • The staff at the Gym/Fitness centre, their associates and staff at Fitternity Health E Solutions are not able to provide medical advice or assess whether it is suitable for me to participate in programs.
  • The participation will be at his/her own risk. The user acknowledges that there are risks including increased heart stress and the chance of musculoskeletal injuries.
  • The user warrants that he/she is physically and mentally well enough to proceed with the classes and have furnished true details in the form above.
  • The user acknowledges that he/she waives, releases and forever discharge Gym/Fitness Center, Fitternity Health E Solutions and all their associates from all liabilities for injuries or damages resulting from his/her participation in fitness activities and classes.
  • Given above he/she assumes the risk of and responsibility of personal property loss or damage.
  • Fitternity is not responsible for cancellation of trials & sessions by its affiliate gyms/studios & trainers
  • On attendance, the customer has to Unlock the session from his/her user profile and after unlocking the same it has to be shown to the service provider.
  • The cashback after unlocking session is in the form of Fitcash, which will be basis your current workout streak


  • Login in with your registered E-mail ID & contact number to access the FitSquad benefits & to track your work out days.
  • FitSquad milestones are based on the number of days you check-in for your workout by physically visiting the gym/studio in Fitternity Partner Network & scanning the QR code available.
  • A user can check-in only using his registered device
  • As per the new FitSquad policy, the user has to spend a minimum of 45 minutes between check-in and check-out. Any check-outs before 45 mins will be invalid
  • A user has to check-out within 180 minutes of check-in time for valid attendance. Any check-out after 180 minutes will be considered as invalid.
  • A user can check-in again after 3 hours of the previous check-in time, in case the previous check-in fails/invalid`
  • A user has to check-in and check-out within the gym premises for valid attendance
  • In case of any fraudulent activity - Fitternity has all rights to block the person from the FitSquad rewards program. This person will not be able to claim or access any rewards.
  • On achieving FitSquad Milestone you are eligible to avail rewards worth Rs 32,000 on reaching the workout milestones (30,75,150 & 250 days of working out in 12 months).
  • Each milestone gives you multiple rewards to choose from. You can select any 1 reward out of the options given.
  • The validity of the FitSquad Program is 12 Months from the time of your registration date post which the milestones will be refreshed.
  • The counter reset will take place on the FitSquad Program after 15 days from your previous FitSquad program expires.
  • You are allowed only 1 check-in per day. Each check-in will be considered within the 24-hour cycle between 12:00 am - 11:59 pm.
  • You can redeem your reward at any point during the FitSquad Program within 12 Months from the time of your first check-in.
  • Fitternity Health -E Solution Pvt. Ltd. ( Fitternity) reserves the right to cancel/ modify/add/delete any of the rewards that are part of the FitSquad Loyalty Program.
  • During the Fitsquad program, if Fitternity identifies invalid check-ins which are not in the radius of the Gym/Fitness Center - Fitternity reserves the right to remove the check-ins of a customer from their Fitsquad Checkin Counter.
  • On the FitSquad Program, basis availability partner brand vouchers can be sold out.
  • For Non-Fitternity members on reaching milestone 2, you have to pay an amount of Rs 299 on Fitternity to continue to unlock rewards on reaching 2nd, 3rd & 4th milestones.
  • The FitSquad reward benefits are void if the membership is transferred to someone else.
  • For any technical issue related to Scanning or App. Please contact Fitternity support team at +022-61094444 or write to us at

FitSquad 100% Cashback

  • Login in with your registered E-mail ID & contact number to access the FitSquad benefits & to track your workout days.
  • FitSquad cash-back is a loyalty reward which is entitled to facilitating a purchase on Fitternity only. No other discount code/voucher of Fitternity can be clubbed in purchase using the FitSquad Cash-back benefit.
  • The FitSquad Cash-back will be added in the form of Fitcash in Fitternity wallet deducting GST fees calculated on the previous membership purchase value.
  • The FitSquad cash-back will be applicable to enroll for the same fitness center (Same Partner Network & Location)
  • On achieving FitSquad Milestone you are eligible to avail rewards on reaching the workout milestones (30, 75, 150 & 225 days days of working out in 12 months).
  • The FitSquad Cashback benefit is non-transferable / non-refundable. It cannot be redeemed in cash.
  • The FitSquad cash-back is an incremental growth at each milestone.
  • FitSquad reward is a promotional offer. Any modification to the offer & rewards on FitSquad is subjective to change.
  • Staff / Representative of the gym, either outsourced staff cannot avail these offer if found such activity; Fitternity will block the account.
  • Any fraudulent activity like Scanning away from Gym, Gym Non Operation Days or Time, Login in Multiple Devices, Person Scanning with Two Phones, Person Scanning for His/Her Friends, Staff or Trainer scanning for the member etc. will lead to the cancellation of the Reward/Cashback offer without any justification or intimidation to the customer.
  • If you are currently registered & actively checking-in on a normal FitSquad Grid & you upgrade to a brand-specific customized reward grid, your check-in counter starts from '0'.
  • On availing the membership through Fitternity / Fitternity Tab / Fitternity Partner Dashboard - you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions mentioned above.
  • These terms can be amended, modified or withdrawn by Fitternity at any time without notice.
  • The FitSquad reward benefits are void if the membership is transferred to someone else.
  • For any technical issue related to Scanning or App. Please contact Fitternity support team at +022-61094444 or write to us at


  • You can have only up to Rs 2500 FitCash+ in your wallet.
  • You can avail instant cashback as your reward on the purchase and get FitCash in your wallet which can be utilized on any transaction on Fitternity.
  • The validity of FitCash earned through promo codes is subject to promotion period.
  • You must be logged in to your Fitternity account in order to use FitCash on your transactions.

Fit-Cash: Wallet Recharge

  • You get 10% extra on the amount you add into your wallet.
  • The additional 10% Fitcash bonus can be utilized in booking workout sessions only.
  • There is no validity to utilize the amount recharged in your Fitternity wallet.
  • The amount recharged by you can be utilized in membership purchase, workout sessions, healthy tiffins, etc.
  • The Fitcash Recharge in the Fitternity wallet is non-transferrable & non-refundable.

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