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Top 3 High Protein Indian Meals To Make
Breakfast is the most exciting and hyped up a meal for a fitness enthusiast. Check out 3 easy to make Indian high protein recipes!

by Team Fitternity

Why HRs Should Focus On Corporate Wellness
With the hope that 2021 will be different than the previous year, Corporate Wellness Programs are developed on the basis of an all-round approach towards the mental and physical well being of the employees. But let’s find out why Corporate Wellness Programs are the need of the hour-

by Sakshi Kirpalani

How To Select Corporate Wellness Programs for 2021
The impact of COVID-19 has affected how global companies will select Corporate Wellness Programs. Take a look at the trends and how you should plan for your next wellness program.

by Sakshi Kirpalani

How To Increase Participation In Corporate Wellness Program
A corporate wellness program requires good participation to be termed successful. A successful corporate wellness program results in good health of your employees which reduces unplanned leaves and boosts their productivity.

by Sakshi Kirpalani

How To Ensure Your Teams Remain Healthy Virtually
COVID-19 has forced people to work from home and stay confined to one place. In such times, it is important to stay connected with your employees to ensure their mental well-being. 

by Sakshi Kirpalani

Creative Ways To Engage With Your Employees
Statistics have shown that only 15% of the employees engage, so why not change that number in your company with strategic and creative employee engagement tricks that actually work?

by Sakshi Kirpalani

No Excuses : Top 7 Exercises To Do At Work
Is your work not letting you stay fit the way you wish to be? Try these office-friendly workouts and have no compliments! Workout in the office while getting your work done and with this lockdown starting to reopen, don’t comprise on your workouts at all!! A complete win-win for all - the company and employee’s health!

by Sakshi Kirpalani

Reasons Why Employees Leave And What You Can Do
Which company wants its employees to leave in a matter of a few months and all the effort put behind the recruitment process goes in vain? Support your effort with understanding the real reasons why employees leave and how corporate wellness programs can be a solution.

by Sakshi Kirpalani

After-Effects Of A Corporate Wellness Program That You Need To Know
Let’s take a look at some benefits a company will face after undertaking a good corporate wellness program!

by Sakshi Kirpalani

All The Things You Need To Know About Cultural ROI
Get acquainted with the importance of company culture and learns ways how to measure cultural ROI!

by Sakshi Kirpalani

Look What Fitternity’s Corporate Wellness Initiative Has In Store You
Get an overall view of Fitternity’s Corporate Wellness Initiative!

by Team Fitternity

Four Steps To Beat A Bully At Work
Steps to overcome being bullied at work.

by Marti Kilpatrick

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