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Should Girls Lift Weights? Facts You Need To Know
You must’ve thought of lighting weights, or even picked up a dumbbell or barbell once in a while but you don’t have the confidence because of the perception of women/girls who lift will get bulky. Set aside your fears and know why you should prioritize weight lifting for girls!

by Sakshi Kirpalani

5 Women Athletes Who Have Struggled Their Way To The Top
This Sports Day get inspired by the top Indian Women Athletes who overcame every hurdle to make our nation proud! Are you ready to be part of their hustle?

by Nivedita Somani

How To Get Fit And Stay Fit Using Your Own Boydweight
Check out Tharun Sholarajan's "Bowling Pin" strategy to get fit and stay fit anywhere with your own bodyweight!

by Team Fitternity

Get Fit With The Right 5 Home Equipment
Blaming COVID -19 because it affected your workout plans? So do we! But why not get your home workout game up? Get your best shape at home with the most essential workout equipment; you are all set to sweat!

by Sakshi Kirpalani

7 Best Cross-Functional Training Boxes In Delhi
Be it the kettlebells, the ropes or the tyres, the trend of cross-functional training is catching up in Delhi and how! Check out these top boxes in the city below!

by Nivedita Somani

7 Best MMA And Kick Boxing Classes In Delhi
Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing is a growing sport in India. Build confidence, learn discipline and focus along with self-defense. To top it up, it is an excellent full body workout. These are just some reasons why one should train in kickboxing or mixed martial arts.

by Vishwas Kharote

Guide To Getting 6-Pack Abs & FAQs
Everybody has a different prescription on how to get a 6 pack. But before prescribing to any, it is important to know and get certain facts straight before starting to work towards your perfect “beach body”.

by Vishwas Kharote

21 Day plank challenge for a stronger tighter belly
Tighten your belly in 21 days with the just this one workout: Plank! Take the 21 Days Plank Challange and see the difference yourself!

by Art Of Living

What Is Classical Pilates?
Classical Pilates might sound simple, but it's a fitness form that packs a punch. Its great for toning of muscles, improving posture, better breathing, build strength and flexibility.

by Kavita Prakash

6 Spanking New Fitness Centers In Mumbai
An insight into Mumbai's revolutionary new fitness platforms, offering a variety of off beat workouts

by Yooti Bhansali

Surviving The First Week Of Crossfit
A guide to surviving Crossfit!

by Art Of Living

Workouts For A Butt Like Nicki Minaj
It’s not just about twerking!

by Art Of Living

10 Best Martial Arts Classes in Mumbai
A Fitternity Special: Martial Arts Recommendations in the city!

by Art Of Living

Why You Should Never Aim For Six Pack Abs
The Dark Side of The Adonis Abdomen

by Team Fitternity

Ironman 101
The Megatron of Triathlons!

by Nilay

The Core Explained By Neville Wadia
Here’s an insight by an expert about that ‘core’ everyone is talking about.

by Team Fitternity

Full Body Exercises – Burpee & Suryanamaskar
No time to workout? These exercises that include strength, cardio and core, should help.

by Kinnari Jariwala

Can't Hit The Gym Today?
Alternative body-weight exercises you can perform if you happen to miss your gym today.

by Art Of Living

Strong Arms The Yoga Way
Wish your arms were stronger? Try these Yoga asanas

by Vishwas Kharote

Q & A: Kaizzad Capadia
Fitness and bodybuilding veteran Kaizzad Capadia gives expert advice

by Team Fitternity

3 Great Ways To Tone Your Lower Body
3 awesome, fat-burning exercises for your lower half

by Zahabia Rajkotwala

How To Build A Muscular Body: The Expert's Perspective
Pro fitness trainer and resident Mustafa Ahmed talks muscle

by Mustafa Ahmed

5 Reasons You May Not Be Building Muscle Mass
Simply working out endlessly at the gym is not always the best way to enhance muscle growth; we let you in on the secret

by Kinnari Jariwala

Build Your Own Home Gym
: It can be challenging to find time to make it to the gym, especially if your gym isn't near your house or you workout at odd hours of the day. Wouldn't it be much more convenient if the gym came to you? With just a little effort, you can set up a basic gym in your own house, allowing you to workout at leisure.

by Shekhar Ruparelia

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