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With no further suspense, let’s get to the real talk about this topic which is backed by Science!

What is the exactly mind-muscle connection in simple language?

Every movement is controlled by the brain? Yes. So the first step of muscle contraction is the signal ( neurotransmitter)  which the brain sends to our muscles telling them to perform the contraction. When the brain releases this signal it crosses the synapses where it binds to the receptors on the surface of muscle fiber. 

So Better Mind-Muscle Communication = More Muscle Fiber Put To Work

Hence, this will result in better muscle contraction and a great workout!

So what runs mind when you’re lifting weights? The below steps are something you can try for the next workout. It is not going to make a huge difference if you keep lifting weights and only focus on lifting heavier. You should commit yourself to the weight you are carrying today and get the maximum results from it before moving forward. Your muscles will grow, it’s time to multiple it using your mind!

    1. Do warm-up sets first

A great way to train your mind at the same time is by doing a few warm-up sets with high reps of 15-20 using very low weights. Try “squeezing” the weight and pause for a second at the apex of contraction

    2. Perform the exercises slowly

Another way for maximum contraction is by taking a moment for each concentric and eccentric part of the repetition. You can use a lighter weight for this set!

   3. Flex Flex Flex!

Flex your targeting muscles in between sets, this is a great way to force additional blood in your muscles. When you do so, it pumps them up and when the muscles are pumped, it is easier to mentally isolate them!

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