Inner balance found through yoga reflects in the personality and communication skills as well, finds out Anisha Sharma.

When I started with yoga asanas and meditation years ago as a college student (thanks to my hostel warden’s initiative) I liked the after-effects of yoga workout and appreciated the freshness. That was it. I continued.

Years later, on attending Sri Sri Yoga session at the Art of Living International Center at Bangalore with Dinesh Kashikar, I realized the larger role that yoga had played in my evolution from a nervous, bubbly college student, to an individual with a storehouse of calm strength. I could only now appreciate what yoga had done to me. It had also given me the gift of communication!

Gift of communication comes with regular practice of yoga

Dinesh Kashikar (A Sri Sri Yoga Teacher) was speaking. And I was having an inner dialogue with myself. Yes, of course, yoga asanas have stabilized my health, strengthened my bones, organs, and metabolism. Reduced emotional outbursts of anger or disappointment. No BP, no heart trouble. No prolonged sulking if things don’t work out my way. Clarity of vision and speech. Conviction in action, and almost unending inner strength. 'When the mind is calm the speech is more articulate,' I heard him say.

So, yoga empowers communication as well. Even if someone had told me these benefits when I started my yoga classes in college, I wouldn’t have taken the words at face value. Now with years of regular yoga and meditation see the connection, because it’s not words anymore. It is part of my experience.

Yoga every day keeps physical and mental stresses away

I look back and see the number of instances where a fiery confrontation with colleagues, boss, spouse, kids and sundry others was clearly avoided because of the hour of daily yoga. Daily yoga washed out physical and mental stresses picked up during a regular workday. This is how situations that would normally bring out irritability or anger, were combated with clarity in thought and effective communication.

Yoga balances energies in the body

Yoga also balanced my body’s natural tendency for high Vata. The nervous energy was transformed to improve my potential at work and home.

Belly breathing, Ujjai Pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya, and other breath-regimens empowered and improved my voice. Sukshma yoga exercises for the face brought clarity in diction and expression.

Dear yoga, where would I be without you? What did you do to me through thoseSurya Namaskars, Padmasadhana, Ujjai Pranayama, meditation? I call it quality life insurance.

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