How do I know I am living a healthy lifestyle? How high is myhealthy lifestylequotient? How can I improve it? Isn’t this something that we all wonder about at some point in life? The way you live your life determines your lifestyle.

There is something that can definitely help you improve your healthy lifestyle quotient. It’s meditation, as a lot of people share. So let’s have a look at some of the aspects of a healthy lifestyle and how meditation can help you in these areas

#1 Healthy Food

Somethings to ponder upon: How often does my meal have some healthy items? Do I normally eat more/less than my body requires?


Well, food is a very important source of energy; so eating the right amount and the right type of food at the right time can go a long way in determining your health. Most often just to pamper our taste buds; we end up eating food which might not always be so healthy. Many people have shared that with regular practice of meditation,eating healthy foodmore often has become easy for them.

Shares Meghana,”With regular practice of meditation, my body has naturally started demanding healthy food so I see myself having healthier food more often now than before.“

“I used to eat a lot of Non-Vegetarian food in-spite of knowing its ill effects. But with 1 year of regular practice of meditation and breathing techniques, gradually my craving for non-vegetarian has completely dropped,” shares Nikesh.


# Quality and quantity of our sleep

Somethings to ponder upon:Do I sometimes feel tired when I wake up in the morning even after a long sleep? How many hours do I normally sleep in a day?

What is the first thought that comes to you when you are very tired? ‘I wish I could take a short nap,’ isn’t it? Well, along with a sufficient amount of sleep (7-8 hours/ day), the quality of sleep (how deep your sleep is) is also an important factor that contributes to your overall health.

Meditation enhances the quality of your sleep. How? One of the major reasons for improper sleep is stress. Stress Hormones reduce when you meditate regularly. As a result there is a calming effect on the mind and the sleep is deeper and more restful.

#3 Keep Active

Somethings to ponder upon:How often do I feel physically and mentally tired? How often do I naturally keep active and happy during the day?

Aren’t there just so many things to do in a day? And we also obviously want to do everything to the best of our ability. Some days we are naturally very active and some days we tend to get lazy. Many who meditate regularly share that meditation naturally keeps them more active and happy during the day. Even when they feel tried, low or bogged down, just a few minutes of meditation charges them up again.

“I have been meditating for 4 years, and sometimes even I surprise myself with the amount of work I can do in a day. Often my colleagues ask me how do I stay do active during the day and I just share with them my secret which is meditation,” shares Kamana Nath.

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