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Get Your Cheat Day Facts Right Before You Eat
“Cheat days” does this term confuse you? Wonder whether you should have this so-called cheat day while you work out like a beast? YES. You deserve it because you’re only human!

by Sakshi Kirpalani

Black Coffee: Fitness Facts You Need To Know
No need to depend on supplements to boost your performance. You have the best replacement sitting in your kitchen - Black Coffee.

by Sakshi Kirpalani

Zoodles: What's That?
Have you ever visited a healthy food cafe and seen " zoodles" on their menu and asked the waiter for an explanation? Well, been there done that, and so we thought of this quick read!

by Nivedita Somani

4 Tips On Healthy Eating At A Wedding
We give you 4 amazing tips to ensure you don’t end up with wedding weight you did not count for without missing out on all the fun, obviously!

by Zahabia Rajkotwala

Watching Your Weight? What You Should Order At An Italian Restaurant
Their mafia might be dangerous, but the food doesn't have to be!

by Semanti Ray

Watching Your Weight? How To Order At A Chinese Restaurant
Confucius say, Chinese food baaad. But he could've been wrong.

by Ankita Chawla

Eating Out, Eating Right
Dining out? Here's some useful questions to ask your waiter

by Marti Kilpatrick

Healthy Indian Street Food
Can 'street food' and 'healthy' ever go together? Happilly, in these cases they do

by Prachi Joshi

My Favourite Healthy Places To Eat Out
It can be challenging to eat healthy when you?re eating out. But, worry not, we've got a roundup of charming restaurants that offer you tasty and nutritious food options.

by Chhavi Sachdev

Eat Right On That Holiday
Holiday! Celebrate! Wait, you don?t want to come home with more holiday weight than you can handle, do you? Here?s how.

by Prachi Joshi

Where You Can Get Decaf Coffee In Mumbai
Love coffee but hate the effects? This list is for you

by Chhavi Sachdev

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