Have you ever wondered why:

  • We all strive to be productive?
  • We all strive to be efficient in our tasks?
  • Do we strive to feel good and satisfied after being productive?

Why do we want to be productive? Is there any reason behind being productive? Is it good to be productive? What is productivity? How can we maximize productivity?

Productivity is about being effective and efficient in our tasks. It is not about how many hours you are really putting into something but about how much work is being done in those hours. To be productive is to do your tasks efficiently and effectively so that you can give some time to do something you love and spend your time with your loved ones and this is exactly why all of us strive to maximize productivity.

Here are 6 tips that can help you maximize your productivity:

Reduce your screen time

An increase in the amount of screen time is surely affecting your productivity. It just makes you so blank and lost. You can’t think fresh and this stops your thoughts from flowing and reduces your productivity. With everything happening digitally, I know it will be difficult but if you can manage and control your screen time you will be in a much better and productive position.

Sleeping early and getting up on time

The research has shown that sleeping early and waking up on time has various benefits and is very advantageous to the human body. It can make you more productive and efficient in completing your tasks easily and thus being productive. The more you sleep, the more active you are thus leading to more productivity.


The research has shown that exercising and working out can have a lot of health and wellness benefits. It can be anything, even a walk-in your building or a jog in the morning can help as it will increase your alertness and make you more productive and sharp. When you work out, you aim at getting fit, better, and a healthy version of yourself so that you can do your daily tasks easily and be productive at the same time.

Plan a to-do list:

Why is it difficult to be productive? It is because a lot of us have many things on our platter that we find it difficult to plan and figure out things. To solve this problem, what you can do is take a sheet of paper and write down all your tasks and keep striking them as and when you complete them. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and even help you to motivate and complete the rest of your tasks. If you are still finding it difficult after planning a to-do list, you can start breaking bigger tasks into smaller ones and then work accordingly. This way you won’t procrastinate much and complete your work on time.

Don’t multitask

You should definitely not multitask if you are looking at being productive. When you tend to do a lot of tasks together, you end up doing only a few and this stops you from being productive. Start channelizing your time and energy towards tasks that are of utmost importance to you and be productive at the same time. The more tasks you try to complete the lesser is the productivity as you end up doing less.

Avoid social media

Are you thinking and wondering where most of your time is going? Are you not able to make time for things that you love? It is because you are spending too much time on social media- browsing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, YouTube, etc. Thus, it would be great if you could monitor and track your time on a daily basis to keep a track of your time so that you are channelizing your time productively and efficiently.

Go get your tasks done, stop using social media, reduce your screen time and sweat it out. I know it will be tough but progress is the key. If you start following the above mentioned tips, you can have some control over your time and start being productive.

Let’s exercise and feel productive today. It has to start somewhere right?

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