Employees are expected to adjust to the new working from home culture but we have to keep in mind that they already have things to take care of at home - their family health or homeschooling their children. Some employees are staying alone. This can lead to many problems like stress, loneliness, and mental breakdown. Check Fitternity's Corporate Wellness Initiative to make your workplace happier and healthier!

The biggest struggle for employees when they work from home - 

  1. Loneliness
  2. Distractions at home
  3. Staying motivated
  4. Wifi issues
  5. Team communication

Try these three tricks to engage with employees!

1. Morning Check-Ins

Hold regular morning check-in calls (audio or video) whatever suits the employee, not to discuss the plan of action but about their personal life. Try and create a healthy relationship with your employees by enquiring about their parents and their children (if any). Try to connect with them and maintain a sense of community for all employees. No matter how short the calls are, keep connecting with your employees.

2. Virtual Happy Hours

With coffee or drinks, keep the happy hours going. When in office, it was easier to connect with employees outside work because of happy hours. Now everything is going digital, so let the happy hours continue. If not drinks on a Friday night virtual video call, do coffee conversations to ensure your employee’s well-being.


3. Engaging Activities

Introduce engaging activities virtual every one/two weeks for your employees. This is a good method to engage with your employees in the comfort of their own homes. It can be fun quiz activities or even fitness challenges. Corfit offers plans to engage with your employees virtually by hosting workout sessions, sharing information quizzes, and more. Head onto Corfit website to customize a plan that suits your employees. 

Reach out to your employees to ensure their well-being during such difficult times. 

Happy Employees = Happy Company

Check out Corfit, Fitternity’s Corporate Wellness Initiative. Let’s work together to make your workplace happier and healthier!