If you would ask me one fruit that I like after mangoes (cause why not) is bananas. Not because they are really very healthy and delicious but the fact that it's high on nutrients which helps you in many ways to have good health.

Bananas are very nutritious and healthy which makes them very popular and has all the essential nutrients to keep a person healthy. You can use them as a convenient snack and a part of the balanced diet as it is a natural source of sugar for the body.

Are bananas really good for your health? - Yes, they are! This article will hook you to know about how eating bananas can help you have a good and a healthy life.

The following are the benefits of consuming bananas:

Rich in nutrients: Bananas are very rich in nutrients, fibres and several antioxidants. They are very popular and vary in size, colour and shape. A medium sized banana consists of 105 calories and has very little and almost no fat making it a very popular snack. They are an excellent source of Potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper and more. 

Improves your digestive system: Bananas are very rich in fibres and resistant starch which makes the gut healthy and strong, protecting and safeguarding it from bacteria. The resistant starch is found in unripe bananas which when consumed goes to the stomach and helps in maintaining a good gut health.

Helps in Weight Loss: By now you would be aware about the bananas being high on fibres, antioxidants and nutrients. They are not only low on proteins but have no/less fat in them. Thus, helping in weight loss. 

Improves your Kidney Health: Kidneys contain potassium which can help you in controlling your blood pressure and having good and healthy kidneys. The research has shown that those who consume about 4-6 bananas a week have lower chances of having any kidney related diseases.

Keeps you full: As mentioned before, bananas contain pectin and resistant starch. The greener the banana the higher is the resistant starch and when consumed goes to the large intestine and helps in having a good gut health. On the other hand, pectin decreases as the bananas ripe. Both the pectin and resistant starch reduce your appetite making you feel full for longer hours.

Helps you if you exercise and sweat it out: Why are bananas considered to be a perfect food for people who exercise? Bananas are considered to be a good source of nutrients and have easily digested carbohydrates. The research also shows that they prove to be an excellent source of nutrition and energy before, while doing and after the exercise. Not only gives you the proper nutrition but also helps you to reduce the soreness and muscle cramp if any.

Can be added easily to the diet: Bananas can be added to the diet easily and can be a great source to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is the natural source of sugar for the body. They are very easy to eat, consume and can be added to the diet easily. 

I hope you are convinced that bananas are a great source of benefit for your body. So what's stopping you from consuming this delicious and healthy fruit?  

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