Mumbai is quickly turning into a city where, if you throw a stone, it’s likely to hit a gym or fitness studio. We’re not complaining – in fact, we’re happy to introduce 6 new fitness centers to add to that growing list.

1. The Space, Juhu:

An exclusive boutique studio located in the heart of Juhu. They aim to connect their clients with a range of fitness, lifestyle and performing arts coaches through a constantly evolving variety of classes and workshops. Their studio while being a quaint, luxurious and private, also serves as a warm, peaceful and homely environment. A must try for those who want to break free from their regular fitness routine, for some offbeat workouts.

Check out The Space, Juhu

2. Studio 189, Tardeo:

A studio started by two certified Zumba intructors - Rupal and Purvi, is a one of a kind space right next to Sardar Pav Bhaji in Tardeo. The flagship of this place is their unique "Ultimate Fitness Package" that provides the customer with an all access pass to their studio. A wide range of workouts like MMA, Dance fitness, Zumba and Yoga, add to their focus of fun in fitness.

Check out  Studio 189, Tardeo

3. The Integral Space, Lower Parel:

With an aim to become an ecosystem for wellbeing, The Integral Space in Lower Parel values inspiration, creation and integration. They endeavour to rovide people opportunities for people to learn and explore what it is to live a balanced and integrated life. If you are looking for a wide range of options from Zumba and Tai-chi to unique workouts like bellyfit and aerial yoga, this place is the one to watch out for.

Check out The Integral Space, Lower Parel

4. House of Wow, Bandra West:

When a place has a unique charm of it's own and the right tinge of art, fitness becomes fun, rather than monotony. The folks at House of Wow aim at bringing the WOW factor to your workout while adding a sense of belongingness. A space to spend hours, learning, building, creating and innovating with Dance classes, Music, Yoga classes, Art and several other forms that you have not had the opportunity to experience.

Check out House of Wow, Bandra West

5. Bodyholics, Lokhandwala:

Helmed by Abbas Ali – a reputed fitness master who’s been around for 15 years – Bodyholics specializes in custom-designed functional training. Additionally they host a rare variety of services ranging from Water Rowing to TRX Training to a Monkey Bar facility. Their mantra stems from the belief that everyone should be capable of semi-strenuous physical activity – be it a sedentary working professional or a retired senior citizen. We all should be able to lift heavy bags and carry loads around, and functional training lets one do that. We concur.

Check out Bodyholics, Lokhandwala

6. Beat n Bounce, Andheri West:

The folks at Beat n Bounce claim that theirs is a place where ‘Fitness and Art comes together’. Well, we’re inclined to agree. With an emphasis on affordable performing arts, they also have fitness programs like Crossfit, Yoga, Martial Arts and Zumba. Whether you want to dance your tail off or engage in a fast-paced, iron-clad workout, this unconventional facility offers an array of options to all.

Check out Beat n Bounce, Andheri West

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