Have you ever wondered what a perfect fitness membership looks like? Then you’ve come to the right place to get your answers.

Cult.fit offers you the best fitness experience through Cultpass! Cultpass has overcome the monotonousness of the traditional and boring workouts.


What is Cultpass?

Cultpass is a fitness membership that lets you workout at the finest gyms and group classes in your city and gives you a chance to experience fitness like never before! These gyms and group classes offer multiple workout styles and formats that will never leave you bored!

Cultpass comes in 2 types: Cultpass Elite and Cultpass Pro

Both of these passes have different attributes to it yet offer the same level of fun!


What is the difference between Cultpass Elite & Pro?

ELITE gyms are a curated collection of handpicked, full-service gyms at prime locations. They offer everything you get in a PRO gym plus added comfort and luxury to make your workout enjoyable. Look out for the "ELITE" tag to identify an ELITE gym.

With the Cultpass Elite you get access to:

1. Workout at 50+ gyms 

2. Unlimited access to all Cult centers

3. Wide variety of LIVE workouts 

PRO gyms are full service gyms that offer you great value. They are a safe space to workout with top quality equipment and they have cult certified trainers present to assist you.

With the Cultpass Pro you get access to:

1. Workout at 20+ gyms

2. Access Cult centers 4 time a month

3. Wide variety of LIVE workout

Cultpass ELITE comes with certain added benefits like the ability to pause your membership in case you need to take a break; 5 sessions per month in a different city so that you can stay healthy while traveling; the ability to transfer your membership across cities if you need to relocate. These benefits are not available on cultpass PRO.


With Cultpass, you can experience:

1) Top quality, well maintained equipments

2) Experienced and skilled cult certified trainers

3) A safe environment to workout with complete adherence to COVID safety guidelines including frequent sanitisation of equipment, temperature and oxygen checks and capping on the number of people working out.

(Try this all out by booking a 2-day Free Trial)


What can you expect in your first cult class? 

Center manager will be checking your body temperature, oxygen level and status on the Aarogya Setu app. You will be asked to mark your attendance to avoid a No-Show! After your check-in is done expert cult certified trainers will be available at the gym to guide and assist you. They will do a complete body composition analysis and fitness assessment for you and based on that create a custom workout plan powered by AI targeted towards your fitness goals and suitable for your fitness level. They will handhold you through your first few sessions at the gym, teaching you the basics of working out and how to use the equipment at the gym. The trainers will always be available on the gym floor to supervise you and answer any query that you may have as you go about your workout.

Hop on in the bandwagon and try these amazing workouts! Start by booking a 2-day Free Trial!