Are you ready for some exciting but grueling regime to make you look like Shahid Kapoor? Here are the top 10 places to go to if you want your body chiselled

Cult - The Workout Station

Don't like machines? Then Cult - The Workout Station is your go to option for a machine free workout. Their rustic no-nonsense facility and excellent selection of trainers from across the globe, is sure to keep you excited for your fitness regime. The idea is to provide a healthy mix of workouts through the week that not only enhance your endurance on the whole, but also inspire a lasting lifestyle change; that is sure to help you achieve fitness levels you didn't know existed.

Check out Cult - The Workout Station J.P. Nagar

Hyper Monkey

Three dudes and their team of Hyper chiefs hell bent on helping people everywhere unleash their body and find the most radical, audaciously dynamic, reinvigorating workouts in the history of mankind. Welcome to the Hyper Monkey agenda.

Check out Hyper Monkey Koranmangala

The Outfit

Are you ready to say goodbye to the fancy machines that work more than your muscles do and get ready to work up a sweat with free weight and body weight movements? No more of that unnatural air-conditioned environment either- it's back to basics with outdoor workouts at The Outfit. Get ready to take home a report card showing your progress.

Check out The Outfit Kalyan Nagar

Group Ex

When science, innovatively designed exciting indoor and outdoor activities and nutritional coaching come together, there is barely anything that can stop you from transforming yourself. Group Ex provides you with all of the above to invoke long lasting change that will positively impact your body.

Check out Group Ex R.T. Nagar

 The Tribe Fitness Club

Founded by the zest of Zumba community Bangalore, Tribe’s mission is to provide state of the art fitness facility with world class equipment. Striving to make workouts addictive, effective and efficient by employing world class group fitness programs and by building a social exercise environment to help the members lead a healthier lifestyle by adopting exercise and healthy diet, Tribe accomplishes customer satisfaction.

Check out  The Tribe Fitness Club Indiranagar

The Republic of Fitness

Regain your Freedom and Break Free … through Effectively Planned Outdoor Workouts!!

Were you born for a purpose, to do something extraordinary? To be the absolute best? Are you prepared to do what it takes to be invincible? The purpose of the Republic is to push you beyond limits through outdoor workout challenges. Their outdoor workouts are insane, unpredictable and effective. We build rebels. Taking your fitness above and beyond.

Check out The Republic of Fitness Jaya Nagar


 Love living fit? Vivafit takes this question very seriously and make you love living fit too! A women’s only studio, which has all kinds of workouts for 30 minutes each and are keen on motivating women on losing weight and getting fit. An affordable an easily accessible chain to for your inner fitness freak.

Check out Vivafit Srjapur


Curves is the world’s premier women's fitness franchise with over 6,000 locations, that is fast, fun and safe! Curves fitness provides a complete cardio and strength-training workout in just 30 minutes, where one can burn up to 500 calories every time. It is one of the most successful women-only franchise in the world.  The reason why over 4 million women have joined? As they say, Curves works.

Check out Curves Brookrefield


Contours is India’s biggest chain of women’s gyms. Testimony to the success of their product is the fact that some of their studios are owned and operated by former members. Contours provide a fun, friendly environment where people of all ages can improve the way they look and more importantly the way they feel about themselves.

Check out Contours Kormangala