A workout that trains you for real-life situations. Sounds a bit strange right? What sort of things, unless you moonlight as a vigilante, could you be doing in your daily life that would require you to be strong and fit? Turns out, it’s a lot – from picking up heavy groceries, to playing basketball with your friends, everything. Functional fitness exercises are designed to train and develop your muscles to make it easier and safer to perform these activities in your day.

Let’s be honest, it is the latest buzzword amongst the fitness circles, it’s the class everyone wants to try, and friends are signing each other up for. But what is all the excitement about? Here’s what we found:

A functional fitness workout trains your muscles to work together and prepares them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports in a way that builds core strength and muscle flexibility. Sounds fancy, right? Well, basically, the emergence of functional fitness has taken away the focus from machines and mechanical gym equipment, using free weights in utilitarian exercises. It’s about practical strength training workout routines which target different muscle groups of the body and make it more efficient and agile, connecting the core to all the different parts.

If this has piqued your interest, if you want to give it a shot, or if you’re just bored of doing conventional workouts, here are Fitternity’s favorites for Functional Training Studios in Bombay!

1. CrossFit OM, Juhu

A key component of functional fitness training is focused on building core strength and developing muscle groups to work together. This is in contrast to traditional gym equipment and exercises that focus on isolating and working on individual muscles.

At CrossFit OM, the exercises are varied and may include sprints, body weight exercises, rope climbs, box jumps, and exercises using cable machines, barbells, dumbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, rowing machines and suspension systems. Here you wont be on your own, winging it, like at typical gyms. Youll get individualized attention from a professional instructor, whether you sign up for one-on-one coaching or our hour-long classes.

Check out CrossFit OM, Juhu

2. Smaash Sivfit

With a magnitude of offerings, they are the one stop solution for the entire fitness needs. They also offer Personalized Rehabilitation Whether its sports injuries, weight loss exercises, high BP, stroke etc., Rehab training will get you back into form in a safe and controlled manner.

Check out Smaash Sivfit Lower Parel

3. CrossFit 7 Seas, Kandivali East

CrossFit 7 Seas is the first and biggest fitness centre with an international standard format and scientific training procedures guaranteed to deliver you 100 % quality results. Founded by professional partners in the fitness industry, the fitness centre has the potential to be the unique facility that delivers the promise to celebrate life through fitness. Here, they understand the versatility of a complex human body and help you with solutions that are acceptable by you and your body.

Check out CrossFit 7 Seas, Kandivali East

4. Multifit, Andheri West

Situated in Andheri West, Multifi is one of the premium fitness center in the area. It got a team of senior fitness experts who will help you reach the desired fitness goals in short span of time. World Class Strength Training and Cardio Equipments making you more fit for the ever growing fast pace of life.

Check out Multifit, Andheri West

5. CrossFit MyDen, Nerul

At Frequencee you can expect an innovative and invigorating fitness experience. A fitness facility with the latest workouts and fitness equipment to ensure you leave the it feeling great, not just the first time, but every time you workout. Workout-friendly interiors and result-oriented fitness classes are at the core of this fitness studios conception. It is here to fire-up metabolism and amp-up the fun factor with workout routines for different age groups with varied interests.

Check out CrossFit MyDen, Nerul

6. Reebok CrossFit, Bandra

Reebok CrossFit is your one stop shop for all your group exercise. They have highly qualified team of experts who are internationally certified and are passionate about leading you to your fitness goals. By creating a dynamic atmosphere, their mission is to serve you with the most fulfilled and exciting one hour you will have exercising.

Check out Reebok CrossFit, Bandra

7. CrossFit Blackfire, Andheri West

CrossFit Blackfire guarantees a hassle free workout. The props used include Swiss balls, Medicine balls, Resistance tubes, Parallel Bars etc. These are creative and imaginative and have recreational value as well. These exercises help to increase stamina, strength, tone flexibility, agility, maintains ideal body-fat ratio, boosts the immune system, defence mechanism and metabolism, which in turn promote wellness and wellbeing.

Check out CrossFit Blackfire, Andheri West

8. CrossFit BPC (TFF), Goregaon West

At CrossFit BPC (TFF), they believe that fitness can never be achieved in isolation. It is only a perfect combination of nutrition and exercise that helps achieve true fitness. They combine both, an in-depth knowledge of nutrition and fitness is best qualified to help you take your health to higher levels.

Check out CrossFit BPC (TFF), Goregaon West

9. Bodyholics, Lokhandwala

Bodyholics is a community of Fitness minded people, dedicated to providing fitness solutions that are the best of both worlds - old school fitness ideologies and modern day science. Bodyholics' Functional Fitness programs challenge your body to work collectively as a whole, helping the various muscles in your body to work together. Bodyholics offers Functional Fitness Programs that can be custom-designed for men and women of all ages and people from varied backgrounds.

Check out Bodyholics, Lokhandwala

10. FlexFit, Andheri West

With their strong belief in sustainable living, FelxFlit strives hard to achieve a sustainable lifestyle modification. Introducing a whole new concept to Diet, Fitness and health. Tailor made plans are designed for every individual considering your body shape, travel schedules and time constraints.

Check out FlexFit, Andheri West

11. Mint V’s Fitness, Khar West

Mint is a complete family fitness centre that focuses on optimizing your lifestyle permanently and provides amazing workouts, with NUTRITION and FITNESS under one roof.

The fitness programs are managed by V's Fitness, an international company, whose proprietor, Venancio, has over 21 years experience in the fitness industry and is also a Fitternity's Fitness Expert.

Check out Mint V’s Fitness, Khar West

12. 20-15 Fitness, Tardeo

Located right next to SoBo mall, 20-15 Fitness is the perfect destination for a variety of group exercise. By creating a dynamic atmosphere, their mission is to serve you with the most fulfilled and exciting one hour you will have exercising.

Check out  20-15 Fitness, Tardeo

13. Turbo Fitness, Bandra West

Turbo Fitness is a premium functional training studio in Bandra West, Mumbai. With specialised designed programs for Men and Women, with their specifically designed programs and unique workout options, they are soon to be a one-stop shop for fitness in Bandra.

Check out Turbo Fitness, Bandra West

14. Fitzville, Andheri West

Fitzville brings on to the table a group of Highly Qualified fitness professionals that are focused on getting the members on the right track to achieve the peak of Functional Fitness.Their prime objective is not only to improve the functional performance on a daily basis but to give them Stronger Core, Toned Body, Highest Stamina, Highest Flexibility and above all a lasting fit body

CHeck out Fitzville, Andheri West

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