It helps you stay in shape, calms and relaxes you after (or sometimes even during) a hectic workday, and is one of the best forms of exercise. If you can't fit a class into your schedule, there are numerous applications that you can download onto your smart device to help you stay in shape. From quick yoga moves and simple poses to customized workouts and celebrity trainer tips, we’ve got something for every kind of yoga enthusiast:

Office Yoga: Okay, this one is only for iOS, but it's a favorite. If you’re stuck at your desk all day and want a few simple poses here and there to help you relax and de-stress, this application is perfect for you.

Hot Body Yoga: Completely free for iOS users, Hot Body Yoga promises to tone your body while helping give you all the benefits of yoga at the same time. There are a few workouts already included too.

Yoga & Pilates with Kristin McGee: Celebrity Instructor Kristin McGee trains a lot of Hollywood celebrities, so having her tips at the touch of a button is pretty cool. From 10-minute workouts for busy bees to tricks to tone your abs, thighs, backside, and arms, it caters to a large audience.

Simply Yoga: This free app is akin to having your own instructor. Available for Android as well as iOS users, you can choose your own workouts or even customize ready ones to fit your requirements. A sweet deal, if you ask us.

Daily Yoga: Yes, it’s a really good idea to get in the habit of practicing yoga every day and this app will help you out in that department. It's good for beginners as well as those already well versed in the form. You get it for free on Android and iOS.

Pocket Yoga: This is a paid app, but it's well-worth the less-than 200 bucks price tag. It includes step by step instructions for several yoga poses and you can customize it any way you like, right from the music in the background to your instructor's voice. It’s available for both iPhone and Android users.

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