You’ve heard of Homeopathy before but don’t really know what it is. Once you’re done with this article, you will!


Homeopathy is a medical philosophy and practice, which involved treating individuals with highly diluted substances. If a person is suffering from a certain symptom, the idea is to give the person a very small amount of the same substance to cure the illness. It is based on the concept that our body has the ability to heal itself, the medicine merely enhances the normal healing and regulatory process.

Homeopathy is used for a range of ailments. Do you have an annoying habit of getting the sniffles at the slightest change of weather? After popping a few prescription pills, you feel better, but then next month, your cold is back. Homeopathy, when used correctly, has been shown to be extremely effective in not only curing but preventing a recurrence of the illness. It doesn’t matter whether your condition is acute or chronic.

Homeopathy is the only system of medicine that claims to cure several chronic ailments that are labeled “incurable” by others with results that would have been considered impossible by them. While critics think this is the “placebo effect”, homeopathy has been shown to be superior and in some cases, its effects are similar to conventional treatments. Plus, its cures are known to be often longer lasting or even permanent.


But is it Safe?

Homeopathic medicines use tiny quantities of the active substance, unlike other medicines. This means they do not have any side effects, usually. The risk of allergic reactions, toxicity, addiction, dependence or any of the other pitfalls of medicine is much lesser. They cannot cause any structural damage to your body, and since there is no chemical action, there is no potential for sustained damage. These medicines, regardless of the dosage, are safe for adults and children alike. In fact, many childhood ailments can be effectively and quickly cured without producing any side effects. This also means that you can safely take homeopathic medication along with other medication.


Is it Expensive?

While conventional medical treatment can become costly, homeopathic medicines are surprisingly cost effective. These medicines are made out of commonly found items, are non-patented and produced at a low cost. This makes it an appealing alternative to conventional prescription or over-the-counter drugs and allopathic medicines. However a longer than usual consultation is required to find the right medicine for you, which makes it slightly more expensive than an average visit to the doctor. However, these treatments are long term and not only treat your immediate complaints but reduce your body’s susceptibility to the disease. This leads to a general improvement in your health and less need for medical consultations in the future.


Is Homeopathy Natural?

Homeopathy stimulates your body’s own defense mechanism to resist infection and the results are long lasting and powerful. It is gentle and promotes health by reducing your body’s susceptibility to disease. Homeopathic medicines are made from tiny quantities of substances like plants, vegetables and minerals. It has been monitored by government bodies since 1938 and is generally considered to be natural and safe.


Furthermore, when you treat the individual as a whole, acting on a person’s mental and emotional levels as well as the physical, the treatment provided is much more holistic. Homeopathy aims to do so by improving your level of health by stimulating your self-regulatory mechanism. That means that your own body will help you to fight off the illness. The benefits are that it is universally applicable and not limited to a certain disease.

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