Cricket has been the pinnacle of sports in India for a long time now! It has also become one of the highest forms of sports entertainment!

While competitive cricket is mostly played in leagues, teams and on a field, cricket, for fun, can be played in alleys, parks, streets, on the beach or even in your own house. All you need is a couple of friends, a bat, a ball and something that depicts the wickets (I personally have used rocks and chairs in place of the wickets).

Indian Premier League (IPL):

One of the league matches that are the most famous and most awaited in India are the IPL matches which are held every year. Every IPL has teams named according to certain states of India. Professional players from all around the world are chosen into these teams irrespective of their nationality! 

For Indians, IPL season is the best time of the year as they get to cheer for their favorite teams, their states and their favorite players! Teens themselves enact matches and their favorite players while playing among friends! This cricket frenzy is fruitful as it eventually contributes to people learning about fitness and striving to get better and get fitter!


Cricket and Fitness:

Cricket is a sport in which traditionally fitness is thought of as not very important. But in reality the fitter you are the better you'll be able to play. Cricket is a sport which tests your stamina and physical endurance as well. Fitness as we all know helps a person to control the body and mind and use it appropriately whenever required for their performance. 

In addition to regular exercise, Cricketers also have to watch their diet and tweak it according to their busy schedule!

So all in all, Cricket be it competitive or social, each have their benefits namely:

  • Endurance and stamina
  • Flexibility
  • Cardio
  • Muscle Toning
  • Balance and coordination
  • Physical fitness
  • Improving hand-eye coordination


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