We all know how it is once you enter the office. You are pretty much stuck to your desk all day. You want to take that break, but something inevitably comes up and you’re slouched over that keyboard even longer. Well, here are a few small changes you can make to ensure not only a better work day but a better quality of life as well.

Track it

Need a reminder to take a walk every once in a while? Get a step tracker to keep yourself motivated. You don’t have to make much of an investment either, it’s very likely that your phone has some sort of built in health app that does this for you. Set goals for yourself and try to meet them. Better yet, try and get a competition going among coworkers for some added fun!

Mail trail

If you are about to send an email to someone sitting at the other end of your office, why not take a walk there instead? Likewise, there are a lot of tasks that you can accomplish while strolling around the office as well. Just as long as you keep your productivity up, there should be no trouble.

Work it

Even if you have a particularly hectic day at work, take some time aside and walk. Not only will you achieve your exercise goals, walking is also a great way to relieve your stress as well. If you are having trouble breaking away from the routine, set alarms on your phone at regular intervals to remind yourself to walk.

Switching gears

Dress shoes aren’t exactly the best for walking or any sort of physical activity, so if you’re serious about getting that workout in, it will be wise to keep a pair of walking or sports shoes in your desk at work. Likewise, a bottle for water and some deodorant will also come in handy.

You might not lose an enormous amount of weight, but you will feel a lot better about yourself!

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