Sometimes we all need to look good to feel good. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural, and we’re here to make it easier for you! Getting dressed is much easier when your wardrobe has pieces that work best for your shape. Let’s figure out what your body shape is and then identify the styles that fit you best.

4 Body Shapes

Most women fall in one of the following four body types or shapes. These are determined by how your curves connect the bust, waist and hips.

  • Apple – if you’re top-heavy i.e. your bust is 3 or more inches bigger than your hips.
  • Banana – if your body is more or less cylindrical with your waist and hips have similar measurements.
  • Pear – if you’re bottom-heavy i.e. your hips are significantly larger than the bust.
  • Hourglass – if you have a narrow waist and your bust and hips have equal or similar measurements.


Highlight your Assets

Now that you have determined what your body shape is, here are a few tips on what you should highlight

  • Apple – emphasise your legs and hips. Also draw attention away from your shoulders and arms by wearing long sleeves. Wear V-necks to accentuate your neck. Cowl necks or draped fronts will also suit you.
  • Banana – ‘pinch’ your waist to give an illusion of curves by using ruffles and frills. Peplum and pleats will also work well for you, as will wide, statement belts. Avoid baggy jeans and tracksuits.
  • Pear – wear wide-legged pants to create a more streamlined silhouette. Avoid skinny pants and clingy skirts. Wearing a structured jacket that stops at your waist will also take attention away from your hips.
  • Hourglass – enhance your shape by wearing form-fitting dresses and skirts. Your tops should ideally be slim-fit.

    Skirt the Issue

    Skirts and dresses can be a tricky proposition as not all styles flatter all body types. Let’s find out what style you should choose.


    Remember that there is no ‘perfect’ body shape. Love your body, and show off your best assets by dressing right.

    • Apple – pick dresses that have a V-neck or an empire waistline. If your legs are shapely, choose a hemline that ends above the knee. Go for pastels or small prints such as polka dots; avoid large prints and multi-coloured skirts and dresses.
    • Banana – a skirt with a tapered waist and a flouncy or flared hem will give the illusion of a fuller figure. You can also carry off the miniskirt with élan, if you have slender legs.
    • Pear – A-line dresses and skirts or wrap-around dresses will work best. Make sure that these reach at least your knee. Halter-top and sleeveless dresses that draw attention to the upper body also work well. Or play it simple in a long, flowing dress. A dress that draws attention upwards with bright colours, patterns or embellishments, paired with a solid-coloured lower half, will suit you.
    • Hourglass – high-waist styles such as the tulip skirt is the most flattering for your shape. Or try a pencil skirt; the retro pencil skirt is quite the trend these days.

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