Glad to see you here. The very fact that you’re here means you’re inclined towards being fit and healthy. If so, I’m pretty sure you’ve had your share of struggle with it. Struggle could mean simply not knowing what will work for you and where to find it. Or, it could be finding the motivation to give it the required priority and stick to the plan. I have struggled myself- I still do; and it was with this very experience Fitternity.com was conceptualized.

At Fitternity.com, we want to simplify the complicated world of health and fitness. You may ask, are we a group of health experts, fitness trainers, and dieticians? No. We’re just a bunch of people working our way through life – wanting to be fit while being work-focused, outgoing and fun. Our not-so-secret ingredients are: Fit - working out Active -eating right and Aware - mental well-being

I have a major disconnect with health and fitness online-content available for Indian users. There’s way too many jargon-based, over promising articles that focus too much on quick fixes. We want to work towards creating a trusted source of reliable content for the Indian user, hence the focus on expert-validated articles (we are proud to have an awesome expert panel!) and an India-centric take on health and fitness issues.

Have you ever struggled to find the right gym, yoga studio, personal trainer matching all your requirements? I can relate. The cumbersome task of trials, confusion and ultimately not subscribing anywhere is immensely frustrating. To address this major gap we have the “Finder” that searches for your unique requirements and provides you reliable and detailed user reviews for making an informed decision.

An established fitness regime needs the right products -shoes, fitness tracking devices, apparel, equipment, organic food, workout DVDs were all on my shopping list. Previously I’ve gone to great lengths to get these products – asking friends and family to get it from abroad and hunting through several stores. Then once, during a brainstorming session it occurred to us – why not sell these products right here? And the Store was born. The aim is to get every possible product one needs in their fitness journey. I assure you, we’re trying our best! (If you don’t find something here – please write to us, and we’ll ensure we get it)

If I gave you all you ever needed for staying / becoming fit – good advice, the right products, access to memberships/services; do you think you’d achieve your goal? Some of you self-driven, focused individuals would, yes. But what about the others? For whom a little push and a little motivation goes a long way? I strongly believe if there’s someone to give you company, the snooze button becomes a lot less intimidating opponent. Our Community vertical is founded on this simple principle for motivation – a platform for finding like-minded people to pursue similar goals with. A place you can find / create a neighborhood group for cycling, running, kick boxing, hiking and many other activities. When you create your own community, you can rely on Fitternity.com to support you for getting members and a lot more. I am extremely passionate about this initiative – I hope you see value in it for you as well. (We’re launching the Community vertical in a couple of weeks!)

Fitternity.com is your health and fitness platform – created for you! We have a tall order to service but we are truly kicked to help you in every small way we can towards the pursuit of a healthier and happier life.

Neha Motwani, Founder & CEO