Sexuality is something that needs to be shared to be fully awakened, and thanks to this aspect we, as individuals, are always conscious of our innate incompleteness. The body’s way of looking to complete this circle is by joining, quite literally, with an anti-pole i.e. another person we are attracted to, to reach a different plane of consciousness altogether - what we otherwise call an ‘orgasm’. You may be aware of that term. Sad part is, an orgasm comes and goes way too quickly – making us want to experience it again and again just to keep reaching that stage of ecstasy.

Every one identifies with an ‘I’ – this part of us is the one who’s in control. However, to properly experience an orgasm one must let go of the ‘I’ – which is the power control we stick to. While self- restraint is normally seen as a good quality by society, it actually acts as a barrier in our road to self-identification. We’re so fearful of letting go, that sharing that one unadulterated moment with another becomes extremely difficult.

Let’s explore a scenario - take a woman who’s frigid. She herself is this controlled lady who wants to wear the pants. She wants to dominate. Her 'man principle' is very strong. At the end of the day she has a woman’s body but she cannot identify with her feminine self. So with the right therapy she has to find herself and open up her feminine power. A man who cannot have an erection for psychological reasons, on the other hand, is probably afraid of woman (his mother may have been dominating). Impotence is the fear of the feminine. He identifies himself to be passive and submissive. He needs to discover and identify with his masculine role.

Man and woman both have two parts to their sexuality and this is important to identify yourself. When you can identify yourself, only then can you dream of identifying another, and this is when sexual intercourse is most satisfying. The key lies in self-discovery. When one is more willing to have an open mind and let go of the ‘I’, that’s half the battle won right there. Everyone needs to balance and develop their masculine and feminine powers to be able to first be comfortable with themselves. Once this is done, only then can you hope to attain a healthy balance between the ‘I’ and the ‘We’.

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