From the predictable kegel to squats, curls and rolls, take a look at what exercises can help you have a better sex life:

Thigh high: You know how your thighs quiver after an intense session in the sack? Well, there’s a way to stop that from happening and to make you go on longer. All you need to do is indulge in a few seated leg extensions. If you don’t already know how to do this, all you need do is sit straight on a chair and lift your foot out till your leg is straight out in the air. Do this ten times for each leg and you’re all set.

Push up: Have you ever done a push up? If you’re a guy, you’re probably going to nod wisely, but women need to do this too. While doing a push up, make sure you keep your back straight and touch your nose to the ground!

Stretch out: Also called a butterfly stretch, this works out your inner thigh area, a zone that needs to be in shape for flexibility in the sack. Just sit on the floor with your feet together and make your soles touch. Pull your feet inwards towards your hips and push your knees down with your elbows so your thighs are under pressure.

Kegels: This is a no-brainer for women, but men should think twice if they are skipping this stretch. For longer lasting and better sex, doing kegels is a must for guys too! Just imagine you’re urinating and then squeeze to stop the flow. Hold it for ten seconds, release and repeat!

Deadlifts: You also need your back to be super strong in order to have a better sex life. It’s a challenge to do this exercise without injuring yourself, so start off slow. Once you perfect it, it really helps keep your back in tip top shape. Start in a natural bent-over position and raise a dumbbell or bar up from the ground. Only lift as much as you think you can – don’t overdo it!

Torso bends: It’s very important to be flexible and to avoid getting cramps and this is why this exercise is perfect, as it keeps your upper body strong. All you have to do is to stand straight, arms down by your sides and your feet spread a little apart. Bend slowly to one side using only your upper body and repeat on the other side.

Do these routines everyday, and sex will be all the more fulfilling. Now if that’s not motivation, we don’t know what is!

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