Is there any scroll in the physical gospel that reveals the technique to strengthen your heart? Here are 5 simple habits for a strong pumping core:

Routine check-up

Maintain a log for your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Any undesired increase needs to be curtailed as it has dire consequences on the heart.


Responsibilities of their multiple roles and identities is causing women all over the globe to fall prey to hypertension. Also, stress related high blood pressure remains a major health issue among men. Therefore, it is no surprise that approx. 40% of the heart attacks are caused by stress.
Invest in anxiety management through meditation and a positive outlook to put a leash on the stress monster. Reducing the use of digital devices also helps in managing stress.

Stay hydrated

Most of the blood is water alone. Therefore, it helps the heart to pump better and allows regular expulsion of water-soluble toxins from the body. The amount of water depends on various factors including climate, activities, water from other food sources, etc. The unnecessary dosage of water is not required as it may overload the kidneys. Have sufficient water and avoid unnatural sources such as aerated drinks, etc.

Weight training

Along with your cardio make sure you engage in resistance training. This helps better blood circulation to your limbs and helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Weight exercises also help you build muscles that aid in the burning of fat faster which has a long-term positive effect on the entire cardiovascular system.


A continuous good night sleep is a must for a healthy heart. Just clocking in 8 hours will not help as you cannot cover the benefits of a healthy night sleep during the day. Get an eye mask, blackout curtains, switch off all your electronic devices. Use of other sleeping aids like self-sleep hypnosis audios provide positive suggestions and also help in anxiety reduction.

Stock your kitchen with healthy food and your conscience with positive thoughts as the formula for a strong heart stems from a healthy mind.

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