A vegan diet is similar to a vegetarian one; however vegan meals do not contain any product of animal origin. By eating foods that are lower in the food chain, veganism minimizes damage to the natural environment and is also a great way to eat healthy too. But vegan meals aren't just about some vegetables tossed with tofu. Here are few great vegan meal ideas that are interesting, and also delicious at any time of the day - most importantly, these healthy recipes don't require any outlandish ingredients and are simple to prepare.

Breakfast: Tofu Scramble

Yes, it's plain tofu, but it isn’t boring it's the healthiest breakfast meal! Many people who have become vegan miss their morning egg scramble. While tofu scramble does not taste like eggs, it is still a great way to have a protein-rich meal in the morning. Just cook your tofu the way you would cook scrambled eggs in a pan. Add in a chopped onion and green chilies (if you want it spicy) and you have a delicious meal ready in 10 minutes. To give it a Latin twist, add some jalapenos or Chipotle and serve it over whole wheat toast for a vegan breakfast.

Lunch: Chickpea Burgers with Tahini

Eat lunch with a Mediterranean twist. A filling sandwich is easy to put together and a nutritious way to enjoy a scrumptious lunch. What's more, it is so easy to pack and carry to your office - no more canteen food!

Try a rich and creamy falafel with tahini, which is a great way to enjoy a filling lunch on the go. You can make falafels easily from chickpeas, but rather than deep frying the falafel, bake it instead. Drizzle some flavourful tahini on top for a healthy dose of good fat, add a slice of tomato and lettuce, and pack it all between two slices of whole-meal bread. Then you have an absolutely guilt-free, protein-packed meal.

Dinner: Gatta Curry with Brown Rice

Gatta curry is a yogurt-based Indian curry made with chickpea dumplings that have been steamed or boiled. A delicacy from the Indian state of Rajasthan it is a spicy way to enjoy a healthy meal with a serving of brown rice (that makes it gluten free too) or a whole wheat chapati.

Snacks: Ragda Pattice

Whenever chaat or general junk cravings strike, this Mumbai street food is a delicious and healthy way to combat them. You can make low-fat ragda by using a curry made from dried peas cooked with your usual curry masala. Then, make a patty from baked potatoes (not fried) and drizzle with sweet tamarind sauce. Just skip the sprinkle of sev to save yourself loads of calories; let me tell you when no guilt is involved, your meal tastes much better.

Dessert: Vegan Chocolate Cake

Next time you're thinking of dessert, give this vegan chocolate cake a try. It's easy on your stomach and also packs a healthy punch of fiber.

Use your regular chocolate cake recipe, replacing the egg with flax seed meal paste. You can make this by mixing 2 tablespoons flax seed meal with a quarter cup water, which is the equivalent of 1 egg. This makes the cake rich in fibre (there is approximately 2 grams of fiber in 1 tablespoon) and gives a mild nutty taste as well.

You can also try our healthy recipe for chocolate apple brownies!

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