Are you sick of following a regimented approach towards weight loss? Do you tire easily of boring diets and monotonous exercise routines? These outlandish weight-loss tips might just be what you’re looking for.

Sniff Your Way to Inch Loss

It might seem silly, but smelling some types of food before a big meal can actually make you feel full. “It fools your brain into thinking you’ve eaten more, and thus you eat less,” said Dr. Alan Hirsch, of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. “By smelling the smells, their brain perceives: 'I've smelled it, therefore I've eaten it, therefore I better stop eating it. I've overeaten.”


Extra virgin olive oil, for instance, is more likely to increase satiety because of its aromatic properties. India Food Network reports that the smell of bananas, chillies, garlic, and citrus fruits could also help you consume fewer calories.

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Switch to Diet Dinnerware

Research indicates that changing the color of your dinner plate could help you eat less food. The trick is to choose bright colors like red and green that contrast with the color of your food. Studies show that neutral plates make people serve themselves 20 percent more food than plates of contrasting colors.

Replace Your Soap

There is such a thing as a soap diet, but thankfully, it doesn’t require you to eat soap. It works on the idea that since fat is stored underneath the skin, certain chemicals could penetrate the skin and burn it up. Soaps with magical fat removal properties promise to do just that.

Brush Your Weight away

Brush your teeth as often as possible, after every meal and each time you feel the urge to snack on unhealthy food. This helps your body distinguish between meal times and give it time to register that you’ve finished eating. The sweetness of the toothpaste will also help satisfy cravings.

Beat it With Blue

It seems that blue is the most unappetizing color, because of its rare occurrence in nature. There aren’t many blue colored natural foods - no blue leafy vegetables or blue meats. So we humans haven’t built an automatic appetite response to blue, in fact, our primal nature is to avoid blue foods because they may be poisonous. So go ahead and paint your kitchen walls blue. Install a blue light in your refrigerator, and put on blue-tinted sunglasses while eating!

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Try Aromatherapy

Lighting a vanilla-scented candle in your home can apparently stop cravings in their tracks. During her research for her book 60 Seconds Slim, American author Michelle Schoffro Cook discovered “a study in which overweight participants inhaled this scent and lost an average of 4.5 pounds in four weeks without making any special dietary effort.” The scent was vanilla.

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Go On a ‘See Food’ Diet

These ‘slimming goggles’, created by Japanese inventors, are designed to make food appear 50 percent larger. So while dieticians struggle to get people to exercise portion control, these goggles will pretty much do the trick!

Burn Calories with Ultrasound

Losing weight can’t get any easier than this. Ahmedabad-based Sound Therapy specialist Jigar Shah claims that he can emit ultrasonic waves that induce weight loss within minutes. Sounds dubious, but there’s no harm in trying. All you need to do is sit in a chair and let him whisper sweet nothings - at your belly!

Eat Worms

It is repulsive, and possibly dangerous, but some people are known to swallow tapeworms in the hope of losing weight. It’s called the tapeworm diet, and it involves ingesting parasitic tapeworms that will settle down in the digestive system, feeding on everything you eat. So the amount of calories your body absorbs are significantly reduced. We’re just telling you the diet exists, but please don’t try it!

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Try the Shangri-La Diet

Propagated by psychologist Seth Roberts, the controversial Shangri-La Diet involves extreme snacking between meals. Dieters are asked to consume 100 to 400 calories of flavorless snacks such as extra virgin olive oil, sugar water, or other bland food with their nose clipped shut. This apparently lowers the body’s craving for flavor and curbs hunger.

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Bonus Tip

Now that you’ve been sufficiently entertained with weird weight loss techniques, go back to the tried and tested method - eating right and exercising!

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