Suffering from high blood pressure? If you suffer from stress-related hypertension, medication can usually get it under control, but if you’re looking for a more natural, non-invasive method to bring it under control, we have some yoga asanas for you to look at.

1.    Pranayama

While this isn’t an actual asana, mindful breathing while you’re lying down is a great way to quickly lower blood pressure. Lie down and relax completely and just concentrate on your breathing for 10 minutes and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your stress levels.

2. Bridge Pose

If you haven’t been keeping fit, this yoga asana will start you off easy. It requires that you sit on a cushion or bolster on the floor and lie down so that your shoulders just touch the floor. Make sure your shoulders and head are at the same level and face your palms towards the ceiling. You can hold this position from 10 minutes to as long as you’d like.

3. Posterior Stretch Pose

Another great beginner’s pose that will help reduce stress and control your blood pressure. For this pose, you need to sit on a very thin cushion and stretch your legs forward. Place a pillow or bolster on your lap. Reach forward and grab the outsides of your feet with your hands and rest your head on the pillow in your lap. Having trouble reaching your feet? You can place a belt around your feet and grab that instead. Hold the stretch for two minutes before straightening your back again.

4. Downwards Facing Dog Pose

This might seem like a more advanced pose, but done correctly, it will help release pressure in your head and neck and will actually feel relaxing. Start this off on your hands and knees. You might want to place a bolster or cushion under your chest before you start. Lift yourself up with your arms first and hold it there. Next, lift up your pelvis while keeping your feet apart. Make sure to extend your calf muscles so your heels are as close to the ground as possible without hurting. Rest your head on the support you’ve laid down (add some more cushioning if it’s still a bit of a reach) This position will feel natural and comfortable as long as you balance your weight on your limbs and let your head and neck rest. You can come down from this pose in reverse order, with your legs bending first, then your arms

5. Standing Forward Bending Pose

Another pose that might seem intimidating but is actually easy to maintain. You can start this off by placing your feet on the edges of the narrow side of your yoga mat. Place either a support block (or even a chair, depending on your flexibility) in front of you and band forward. Straighten your legs and place your head on the support. Reach out and grab your ankles and let your head be supported by the block. Make sure the majority of your weight is being supported by your legs though. Pay attention to your breathing and hold this pose for up to 5 minutes.

Try these out so you can calm the hell down!

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