An exercise that’s fast-paced, high energy and not for the faint-hearted, circuit training is like dancing around your exercises in a big hurry – but it’s really effective. 

You’ve first got to get your basics right and know what circuit training is. We’ve already told you it’s fast-paced, but let’s tell you how. The training involves several different groups of exercises – you do one exercise for around 30 seconds (or even five minutes at advance stages) and then quickly move to the next and so on and so forth, toning, sculpting and strengthening all your muscles. If you don’t want to burn a lot of calories, this isn’t the right exercise for you but for people who want to – it’s perfect! If you combine it with just a few extra minutes of aerobic exercise, you’ve got a complete body workout ready for you with this one.

The short bursts of exercise mostly have to do with resistance exercises. Although you do use moderate weights in most of them, you won’t need any rest between the exercises because each one focuses on a different muscle group. So, while one muscle is working the other is resting. You’ll have your heart rate pumping and get stronger.

So, what are you going to get out of this workout? Well, for one thing, you’ll be melting off any excess fat that you have on your body. It will not only melt the fat it will also firm up all your muscles and burn a lot of calories in just half an hour of circuit training. You’ll also have a fully sculpted body without having to focus on one or two parts of your body separately.

In the long term, the training, which is a type of interval training, increases the number of calories you burn through the day even after the exercise. Sounds confusing? Samantha Kopf, a certified personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine explained that it’s because your heart rate goes up very high constantly during the training, never returning to its resting state. Because of this, you consume more oxygen post exercise and in turn, burn more calories through the day.

Of course, you need to keep certain things in mind during the training and if you’ve got health issues you really shouldn’t jump in without consulting a trainer and a doctor first. But, if you’re looking for a workout that will never bore you and one that will help you get into perfect shape and stay that way, this type of workout comes highly recommended.

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