Fitness in Bangalore has developed a lot in the last few years. But nothing can beat the old fashioned way of getting fit and that’s the good old gyms. Gyms in Bangalore have also evolved with time with standalone gyms providing just as good services and equipment as the big brands like Chisel, Gold’s or Snap Fitness.

Here are some of the top gyms in Bangalore you must check out

Rage Fitness – Indiranagar

Rage Fitness is located in the heart of 100ft road of Indiranagar. This place is genuinely enormous 3 storey building, a floor for every exercise. Their state of an art facility is made top notch to make your exercise as rich as possible. A great place to train from the best in the industry in Bangalore.
Starting @ just Rs 450
Check out Rage Fitness

Haute Fitness – Sahakar Nagar

Imagine a 30000 square feet area with best equipments for you work outs! While you catch your breath, it must also be said that Haute Fitness has been called The Most Inspired and Funkiest Health Club Brand in the Country. They have a wide range of Gym Services like the good old Classic Gyms and the Prime Membership
Starting @ just Rs 649
Check out Haute Fitness

Vriddhi – Jayanagar

I am sure that everyone in Bangalore is very well aware of this word, Vriddhi. But did you know there is also a Gym brand of the same name? Vriddhi Fitness is a brand that is known for providing an impeccable service for a very reasonable price.
Starting @ just Rs 299
Check out Vriddhi, Jayanagar

Reset – Sadashivnagar
After a huge success and demand for being the top notch gym in Mumbai. Reset has recently launched its all new centre in our very own Bangalore. Train in the most lavish style. A state of an art facility, you come here once and you would never feel like to leave. And If you are a kind of fitness enthusiast who like to have your own space while working out then this will be the most ideal place for you.
Starting @ just Rs 1180
Check out RESET, Sadashivnagar

S4 Fitness – Jayanagar
Jayanagar is a location that never fails to deliver when it comes to fitness. S4 Fitness has one of the best equipment in the whole of Bangalore. S4 fitness also has the best of the trainers that are known for their excellence in the results. Also this gym is so spacious and awesome that you would be able to work out there for a decade without any hassle.
Starting @ just Rs 250
Check out S4 Fitness, Jayanagar 

Goodlife Fitness – Kalyan Nagar
Kalyan Nagar has always seen some of the best gyms in Bangalore. Bet you didn’t know about this gym which caters to all kind of fitness needs. Goodlife fitness located in Kalyan Nagar provides all the necessary services from basic Gyms to Group Classes, they even have toning tables which will help you relaxed in the best way possible.
Starting @ just Rs 250
Check out Goodlife Fitness, Kalyan Nagar

FitDrome – Koramangala
This is a recently opened gym but very soon it has been able to gain a lot of popularity in Koramangala. Fitdrome has hit the sweet spot in the minds of all the young blood by providing a great space for a very affordable price. Fitdrome has been able to provide the best of Personal training as well.
Starting @ just Rs 199
Check out Fitdrome, Kormangala

Energy Gym – Whitefield

As the name suggests, this gym is so full of energy mainly because of where it’s located. Energy gym is located where most of the residents spend most of their time. Yes, it’s located inside the IT Park. They have a whole new way of working out with equipment like you have never seen before. Starting @ just Rs 250
Check out Energy Gym, Whitefield

XNA Fitness – Bannerghatta Road
XNA Fitness is an exceptional gym and located in Akshayanagar. This gym is very well known in the location for its exceptional service and its impeccable personal training. This gym is about 14,000 sq ft and also provides about 22 unique Group classes.
Starting @ just Rs 499
Check out XNA Fitness

Maidan Athletic Club – Banaswadi

Maidan, the most retro sounding gym ever Bangalore has witnessed. This gym has a very retro and a rough look in their exteriors but providing one of the best services and equipment Banaswadi has ever seen. As intriguing as this gym sounds, the facilities provided by them is just as intriguing.
Starting @ just Rs 250
Check out Maidan Athletic - Banaswadi

Core Fitness Station – Gandhi Nagar
Located inside the luxurious Renaissance Hotel at Race course road, they do know how to provide a holistic fitness services. The best of the machines and great combination of Group EX and swimming facilities makes it as one of the must try Fitness Centre
Starting @ just Rs 999
Check out Core Fitness Station

Looking at all these crazy options, it’s safe to say that the good old traditional Gyms are not traditional anymore. Gyms in Bangalore have really seemed to evolve from what it was a few years ago. Don’t forget to check out all the latest gyms in and around Bangalore and of course the wide range of offerings and discounts on Pay per sessions, Sessions pack and gym memberships. If you are still unsure and want to taste a little of everything, do check out Fitternity’s latest form of Membership, OnePass - Use code ART5 to get exclusive 10% Discount.

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