Finally got around to signing up for that gym trial, eh? Good job. However, going to a gym for the first time can be a daunting experience – on one hand you are eager to reach your fitness goals and on the other, a new and unfamiliar environment can be overwhelming. Your trial experience can make or break your fitness resolve – so here’s some useful tips to help you make the most of it.


A trial session can be intimidating, and being surrounded by fit people who know what they’re doing, doesn’t help! You may feel self-conscious and imagine all eyes on you – but it helps to remember these 2 things:

1.    This is not a spy movie.

2.    Each one of them was a beginner at some point.

If it helps, you could also get a buddy to sign up with you for support. Nothing like starting a fitness journey with a friend in tow! Alternatively, you could request a member of staff to give you a demo of the machines before you start.


The right workout clothes can really go a long way in helping you feel at ease. Avoid 100% cotton clothes as they absorb a lot of moisture and will weigh you down. That doesn’t mean you go full spandex – opt for the quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabrics which are specially designed to draw sweat away from the body. Ensure your shoes are comfortable and that your socks are thick enough to cushion your feet. Women, a good sports bra will make all the difference when doing high-impact exercises.


Make like a Boy Scout and be prepared – a well-stocked gym bag WILL see you through. Start with these basics:

  • A bath towel and flip flops if you plan to shower after your workout
  • A change of clothes in case you get extra sweaty
  • 2 face and hand towels to wipe away sweat
  • A sturdy water bottle to keep you hydrated
  • Deodorant / Perfume

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to ease into the workout – don’t burn out in the trial session itself. Begin with some cardio, free-hand and light weight training, then you will automatically develop the self-assurance to take it a notch higher.


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