“A passion and years of practice and wisdom brought into profession”

Baqar Nasser is not just the pioneer of indoor cycling in India, but also among the first to showcase the passion for cycling that nests deep within the spirit of Indians. There is so much to him than what meets the eye and Team Fitternity set itself on a mission to know it all.

After being greeted warmly with a smile on his face, we were ushered to their indoor cycling lounge – A room with mirrors, beautiful lights and great amount of space. Nested at the center of the room was a table, a few chairs and bottle of water. The stories of Baqar’s friendly way to fitness were experienced in every minute spent there. It did not take long for us to start knowing the real Baqar Nasser.

Starting his journey at the tender age of 7, he went to win several championships at the school, university, state as well as national level, eventually being regarded as the All India University Champion by the Mumbai University. The abundance of medals and shields that included 1 gold and 2 silver at the national level, only marked the beginning of the achievements he had in store for himself.

A magnitude of injuries and over 500 stitches formulated the cornerstone of his vast experience. A drive to create an injury free workout space coupled with the knowledge of cycling from USA and human anatomy from UK, established the building blocks of indoor cycling in India. He started training other cyclists in 2000 and went on to establish the first TopSpin indoor cycling studio in 2003 at New Delhi. By the age of 25, he had already established 13 studios across India.

With heart pumping music, lounge ambience, constant competition and companionship, it comes as no surprise that indorr cycling is a workout that is easily favourited. Celebrities Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Bipasha Basu, to name a few, vouch for Baqar Nasser’s quality and deliverance. After all, who could be better than the one who has tasted the mud and dust himself.

“One should be universally fit so as to not let the daily lifestyle affect him. Becoming a common man will help you enjoy the basics of life”

Over the years, he has developed his experience to not only train towards indoor cycling but also provide holistic development. He helps people achieve a lifestyle alteration through changes in the basic diet or inclusion of therapies like massage and strongly believes in educating from the base. He has created a perfect mélange of personalization with technology. Providing each participant has their individual heart rate setup along with the best of static cycling equipment, allowing them to build their endurance at their optimum oxygen level.

In the years to come Baqar envisions to create fitness with the minimalistic injury probability and create an environment that helps increase individual life expectancy and we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised when he manages to do so.

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