Inspired by the marathons and plan to run one, but don’t know where to start? Two words: RIGHT HERE! Whether you are a pro, intermediate or beginner in running, the first step, shopping for the right shoe can be tricky. With so many options and variations in the market like choosing the right foam or the right material for the run, you plan to do can be overwhelming.

This does create some confusion amongst the beginners because of the abundance of options and not being sure what to believe and what not to.

ASCM certified Marathon Trainer and Ultramarathoner Parwage Alam outlines the aspects to look out for when selecting the perfect running shoes for yourself:

  1. Road vs Trail vs Track: Road shoes should be more flexible and lightweight than the trail shoes which are sturdier and heavier. Track shoes are designed for traction and speed for various track surfaces Women’s shoes tend to be lighter with a softer midsole.

  2. Speed Work: Performance shoes for speed work are built lighter, narrower and lower to the ground than most running shoes. They tend to wear out faster than normal running shoes.

  3. The degree of Pronation: Shoes are broadly classified as neutral, motion-control and stability/ support on the basis of the degree of pronation.

  • Normal Pronation: It is the inward roll of the foot (about 15%) on landing

  • Overpronation: It is the excessive inward roll of the foot (over 15%) on landing

  • Under pronation: It is the insufficient inward roll of the foot (less than 15%) upon landing.

Some common mistakes Runners make while buying Running Shoes:

  • Wrong foot measure leading to wrong shoe size impacts running.

  • Buying one size bigger than your original size and they trying to adjust the size by wearing thicker socks, this hinders running practice.

  • Following your Runner Friends. If you are a beginner and you have a friend who is a good runner, you always end up buying the same shoes which your friend is using.

  • Wrong reviews about shoes. Nowadays people start purchasing shoes online and their online seller can easily manipulate the reviews by giving fake reviews. Which misguide the people who buy their shoes on the basis of reviews.

  • Cool dashing Shoes. Sometimes you end up buying the shoes only because it looks cool and enhances your personality.

  • Discount and Offers – Some stores trying to clear their stocks and run some attractive offers, please avoid such offers as all shoes have their life and these shoes under offer has already spent their life on a shelf.

  • Buying shoes during the day- Most are unaware of the fact that feet swell during the course of the day. Your feet tend to get bigger at night. Therefore, you need a footwear that fits well—not too tight—during all hours, so always prefer your shoe shopping later in the day.

  • Trying only one shoe– While buying shoes more often than not, most try out only one shoe. I am not sure if you are aware that both your feet are not the same size. Chances are that one shoe will be fit on your one feet but not the other one. Hence,  measure both your feet and then buy a pair of running shoes that fit the bigger foot.

  • Try shoes with the right socks: We always check the shoes by wearing the dress socks which is provided at the store for trial but let me point out here that dress socks are generally thinner than running socks (that has more cushioning), and this affects the fit of the shoes. Always take your running socks with you when you go to purchase running shoes.

Shoe Finder is an excellent digital tool made to simplify your decision. Answer a few quick questions to find the shoes made to tailor your specific needs.

A curated list of 6 of the highest rated running shoes from 2017

1. ASICS Metarun

The Metarun, an apt pair for the high-end elite and long-distance runners, features a mid-sole called the FlyteFoam, which is 55% lighter than industry standards. It is capable of high-performance shock absorption due to the X-Gel technology which leads to new and more efficient shape and precision positioning.


2. New Balance Vazee Pace v2

These shoes are suitably lightweight with firm yet responsive underfoot cushioning. With an accommodating toe box and some extra space allowing room for movement, they are particularly durable, especially on concrete and asphalt, preventing any kind of slip/fall due to a great outsole.

3. Adidas Terrex Agravic

The Terrex Agravic is ideal for outdoor running at comparatively decent speeds due to its continental rubber outsole which provides extraordinary grip. Moreover, it has abrasion-resistant weldings for protection on the outside which ensure a comfortable fit, blocking out any kind of obstructions like small pebbles or dust particles.

4.  Brooks Ghost 9


These shoes are game changers when it comes to cushioning, with the BioMogo DNA midsole cushioning, that adapts to the runner’s individual stride. An engineered mesh cover on the outside provides a good structure/stretch and also enhances the breathability quotient.

5.  Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

The Zoom Pegasus 33, an all-rounder in its own right, gives one the feeling of wearing slip-on, offering the best combination of comfort and speed. The outsole not only works to absorb impact but features waffle pistons that reduce the traction on multi-surfaces.

6. Reebok ZJet Run

The strongest feature of this pair is the allowance for 360-degree ventilation due to the mesh underlay, which provides an escape route for the rising heat, thereby maintaining a cool and comfortable ride.

7. Saucony Kinvara 7

The factor that differentiates this shoe from the others is the RUNDRY Collar Lining which has moisture wicking qualities that allow the feet to stay dry.

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