When in doubt about food or phase of evaluation between diet and fitness, finding a midway solution is your safest bet. Don’t listen to you inner devil on resorting to junk food. Finding a way for healthy diet or food while maintaining taste is essential. Say bye to the woos of ordering in and endless hours of surfing menus, these foods you can carry to your or store them in your cupboard:

1.      Plain murmura poha /Bhel (No chura, No fursan) – 1 medium bowl

2.     Multigrain biscuits/ Marie biscuits/ Digestive marie/ High fibre biscuits – 2  

3.     Any allowed Fruits/ veg salad – 1 bowl

4.     Fresh fruit juices(allowed ones)/ veg juices (Tomato, Bottlegourd, Carrot, Beetroot)/ lemon water – 1 glass

5.     Veg Soups/ Dal soup – 1 bowl

6.     Brown bread/ Multigrain bread/ Whole wheat bread/ Dalia bread upma using 2 slices

7.      Brown bread/ Multigrain bread/ Whole wheat bread/ Dalia bread Vegetable sandwich

8.     Roasted chana/ Roasted moong/ Roasted vegs/ Popcorn

9.     Wheat flakes/ Roasted rice flakes/ Paper poha chuda

10.  Khakhra/ Methi Khakra/ Dhokla (Besan, Rice, Rava) – 2 pieces

11.    Steamed corn/ Channa/ Moong/ veg chaat (No butter)

12.   Buttermilk (1 glass)/ Low fat curd (1 small bowl)

13.  Raisins, prunes, figs, date.

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