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Join Hands to Keep

The Fitness Community Stronger

Gyms & Fitness studios have tirelessly helped us be on track with our fitness journey year on year. In this time of COVID-19 outbreak, the mandate to shut down all fitness centers has put them in an unexpected situation of economic & financial stress which may lead to the closure of many of our favorite fitness centers.

In these tough times, let's unite and join hands as a fitness community. Support our fitness heroes by helping them keep their business afloat via monetary support for the gratitude we hold for them.
  • Fitternity has initiated a program where you can purchase gift cards / vouchers for your favorite fitness center
  • These vouchers will be used as credits to make a future purchase valid upto 1 year when the fitness center opens up
  • The entire amount that is contributed will go to the fitness center to manage their current cashflow & keep the business running
How can you help?
  • Click on the ‘Find your center & contribute button’ below & find your fitness center.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Gift cards’ section - and select the desired amount you wish to contribute.
  • Complete the transaction via any of the desired payment methods (Credit card, debit card, wallet etc.)
  • Upon the completion of this Program, you’ll receive an acknowledgment on your support and contribution to the fitness community

Please reach out if you need more details on this and have any suggestions.

You can call us at 022-61094444 or write to us at

Terms & Conditions
  • This program is an initiative by Fitternity for its partner Gyms and Studios.
  • Gift vouchers once purchased can’t be cancelled or exchanged for another gift voucher.
  • You will be given FitCash (Fitternity’s currency Rs. 1 = 1 FitCash) equivalent to the voucher amount and will be valid till 1 year.
  • Gift vouchers bought are exclusive to the particular gym /studio purchased on and can’t be redeemed at any other gym or studio.
  • In case of any unforeseen circumstances like permanent shut-down of the fitness center, the voucher / FitCash will be invalid

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