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  • Enjoy limitless access to livestream group workouts, nutrition talks & meditation sessions from 1,000+ top studios, trainers & coaches
  • With OnePass Virtual get complimentary FitTV subscription - Fitternity’s exclusive range of premium workout videos by fitness experts
  • Recommended for people who want to workout at home and love the flexibility of experiencing different classes whenever they want.
  • Get your OnePass Virtual today at the lowest prices ever. Limited Period Offer
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Get your OnePass Virtual today at the lowest prices ever. Limited slots

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Rs. 3499
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Rs. 8750
Why is Onepass Awesome?
Explore livestream sessions
Check out multiple fitness activities happening all day - yoga, functional training, zumba & more
Select a session of your choice
Get all the details about the class - All you need to do it select the session & book the slot that works for you
Get a link to join your workout
Trainer will conduct this session on a video conference. You will receive a link to join the session 15 minutes prior to your session.
Want to do virtual workouts with your co-workers?
Or get your OnePass reimbursed by your corporate?
Or simply want your co-workers to experience OnePass?
Reach out to us and our corporate team will devise an exciting program to make fitness a part of your organisation’s culture.

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Terms and Conditions

A- General T&C

  • OnePass Virtual is your personal health and fitness pass, it cannot be used by your friends or family members.
  • OnePass Virtual | Fitternity Livestream sessions are a proprietary offering of our partners.
  • Recording of Live sessions or sharing them on any other platform without the permission of Fitternity is a punishable offense.
  • OnePass Virtual is a proprietary offering of Fitternity and bookings can only be done on the Fitternity app.
  • Fitternity reserves the right to revise, update and amend the list of Livestream Classes available for OnePass Virtual booking
  • OnePass Virtual is an arrangement /agreement /membership of Fitternity. All issues, doubts or clarification concerning OnePass should be communicated with Fitternity only.
  • In case you find a fitness/sports facility which is not yet part of the OnePass network - We will work to onboard the centre within 3-15 working days of your request, given the alignment of standard terms between Fitternity & the facility
  • In case the user is found misusing any of the OnePass Virtual services, action will be taken & he/she will be penalized at the discretion of Fitternity.
  • In case of any injury or accident, any claims on Fitternity would not be applicable whatsoever.
  • In case of any dispute, the final decision made by Fitternity would be final.
  • OnePass Virtual user will have access to book 1 session a day.
  • In case if a customer does not attend the Live session, the session cannot be reversed or re-booked.
  • No cashback streaks would be applicable for OnePass Virtual users on the attendance of LIve workout sessions
  • In case of any assistance concerning OnePass write to us at or call your personal concierge at +917400062849
  • For more information on Fitternity’s services, check out

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How many sessions can I book in a day?
    1. - All OnePass Virtual & OnePass Red users can book a single session a day and OnePass Black users can book multiple sessions in a day.
  • Q. Can I book gym / studio sessions with OnePass virtual?
    1. - OnePass virtual gives you access to book only livestream sessions.
  • Q. Can I do multiple livestream bookings with the same studio / trainer?
    1. - Yes You can book multiple livestream sessions for your favourite studio / trainer.
  • Q. Which services are available to book on the OnePass?
    1. - OnePass virtual gives you access to the workout from home with Fitternity live - livestream workout sessions from 1000+ top studios & trainers.
  • Q. Can the customer request to onboard a trainer / studio on the OnePass Virtual Program?
    1. - Yes, Fitternity will work to on-board the fitness trainer / studio within 7-15 working days of your request given alignment of standard terms & livestream process between Fitternity & the facility.
  • Q. Is FitSquad available on OnePass Virtual ?
    1. - The Fitsquad Loyalty Program is currently not available on OnePass Virtual Program.
  • Q. Will the prices change after the OnePass Virtual subscription expires?
    1. - All prices are subject to change without any prior notice.
  • Q. Can I reschedule / cancel my OnePass Virtual booking.
    1. - OnePass bookings can not be rescheduled or cancelled
  • Q. What is FIT TV subscription
    1. - FIT TV subscription is your access to Fitternity’s exclusive range of premium workout videos by fitness experts
  • Q. How do I access my FIT TV subscription ?
    1. - Head to and login with email id ( provided when purchasing OnePass ) and you'll be auto-subscribed to FIT TV.

Interest Free EMI

  • Start your fitness journey NOW sort your payments LATER with Interest Free EMI on Buying OnePass.
  • Interest Free EMI available on AXIS, HDFC, HSBC, ICICI, INDUS, KOTAK & SBI Credit Cards.
  • Just select the EMI option on the Payment Method screen during checkout and choose your credit card provider and the EMI plan of your choice.

OnePass Portability

  • For the first time in India, you get the ability to transfer your OnePass to your friends and family in case you couldn’t use your OnePass as often as you would’ve wished for.
  • To port your OnePass your friend will have to pay a small fee that will be calculated on a Pro-rata basis of the duration/session count left in your OnePass
  • All you need to do is to reach out to us via email or call and we will handle your request as soon as possible.

Easy Refund

  • Refund is only eligible on the purchase of OnePass - 3 month, 6 month and 12 months packs.
  • Users taking a refund will be subjected to the following deduction mentioned below:

    1. Deduction of GST amount

    2. Equalisation charges: The price of the higher duration is highly subsidized as compared to buying smaller duration packs due to long term commitment. Premature termination of the pack will hence be subject to an equalisation fee to proportion the cost as in the case of a smaller duration pack purchase

    3. Pro-rata deduction basis number of days used

  • Please note for a 1 year pack refunds can be requested from purchase date upto 15 days and post completion of 3 months until the duration of the membership pack. The following table explains the deductions:

1 Year Pack

Time of Cancellation

GST Deduction

Equalisation Fee (Additional)

Pro-Rata Deduction

0 - 15 days



3 - 6 Months



Pro-Rata Usage

6 Months +



Pro-Rata Usage

  • Please note for a 6 month pack refunds can be requested from purchase date upto 15 days and post completion of 45 days until the duration of the membership pack. The following table explains the deductions:

6 month Pack

Time of Cancellation

GST Deduction

Equalisation Fee (Additional)

Pro-Rata Deduction

0 - 15 days



45 days - 90 days



Pro-Rata Usage

90 days +



Pro-Rata Usage

  • Please note that a 3 month pack refund can be requested from purchase date upto 15 days until the duration of the membership pack. The following table explains the deductions:

3 month Pack

Time of Cancellation

GST Deduction

Equalisation Fee (Additional)

0 - 3 Months



  • In case of cancellation of OnePass subscription, the refund would be transferred in the Fitternity wallet in the form of FitCash. The FitCash can be redeemed on all services available on Fitternity.
  • In the case of misbehaviour by the user at the Vendor location, Fitness centre or the staff, Fitternity holds the right to cancel the user's subscription without any prior notice. No refund amount would be processed in this scenario.

OnePass Freezing

Take a break; Pause your OnePass membership with just a small fee. You can pause your membership are per the following

  • You can freeze your OnePass maximum of 4 weeks applicable for 1 year OnePass and minimum of 3 days applicable in 1 Month OnePass.
  • Freezing is available in 1week step durations.
OnePass DurationTotal Freezing DurationFreezing Count AvailableCost per Freezing

1 Year

4 Weeks



6 months

2 Weeks



3 months

1 Week



1 month

3 Days



Shared Membership

How does it work?

  • Shared Memberships with OnePass Black let you add up to at max of 3 members to your OnePass Membership.
  • Group membership is available with 45, 80 and 125 Session packs of OnePass BLACK.
  • You can add details of your buddies during checkout or you can do the same from the OnePass Tab on the app.
  • Booking sessions in Group Memberships is very simple, just tap on Book, select your fitness form with desired slot and you're done- same will be for your buddy.

OnePass Refer & Earn

  • Get flat 500 off as referral discount on OnePass purchase
  • Red Pass user gets 1 week extension on referring a friend
  • Black Pass user gets an extension of 2 sessions on referring a friend.

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