CrossFit Curious? CrossFit Confused? So are many people and Fitternity's here to the rescue.

When one thinks of CROSSFIT, all that comes to mind is muscular, weight lifting, strength, ropes & tyres, feeling sore, vomiting & injuries (as untrue as it is) and ripped bodies. But just doesn't do justice to Crossfit. It is a form of complete fitness that builds up endurance, agility, stamina and conditioning which will help you become stronger for anything and everything. Crossfit is based on functional movements and draws inspiration from the best parts of running, rowing, weightlifting, gymnastics and other fitness forms. 

Crossfit is termed “ The Sport of Fitness” which translates into constantly varied functional movements done at high-intensity. 

To put it simply, Crossfit is a training program that builds strength and conditioning with different and challenging workouts which teach you to lift heavy weights and use your body weight. Each day has something new in store for you with exercises for a different part of your body everyday. Crossfit forms a community of people who are driven to break their personal record each time they workout.

CrossFitters go against the clock and push themselves to meet the number of reps prescribed in the "Workout of the day" or WOD (their favourite term). This workout uses 9 fundamental movements, classified in 3 categories. Basic: Squat, Press and Deadlift. Progression 1: Front Squat, Push Press and Sumo Deadlift. Progression 2: Overhead squat, Push Jerk and Med Ball Clean. These movements are meant to condition the body to get better at lifting (shopping bags), sit and get up comfortably (like out of a recliner) and get better at sports with core strengthening. Crossfit is also aimed at metabolic conditioning that helps you be more energetic. 

Crossfit is for everyone. Kids to senior citizens and everyone in between can opt for this fitness form. CrossFit has no machines and by virtue of this it helps you get better at everyday activities since it uses simple body weight with varied intensity. It's a good addition to your fitness journey or a great way to start!

Enter a Crossfit box (read as the place where you workout) and you will be surrounded by a community that gets you to step out of your comfort zone, will show you how to and will end up cheering you to succeed. They also don't let you quit (the best substitute to a fit buddy).

Ready to Raise the Bar? See you at the Box!

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