Dance delivers emotions louder than words, and for those who believe in these words, we have exactly the place for you to train, grow and nurture. To top it up, many of the following are also fitness oriented dance studios for those who have a passion for fitness with a twist. Here are the top 9 Dance Studios in Bangalore

Payals Dance Academy
Spearheaded by Ms. Payal Gupta, a very experienced performer, teacher and director who has attained immense knowledge from reputed instructors from all over the world.with her at the helm, the Academy has been one of the best studios for belly dancing in India. It takes great talent to be a great dancer, but determination can make you reach the stars, and with someone like Ms. Gupta, there is no doubt you will.
Check out Payals Dance Academy BEL Road

Tarantismo has achieved great success and recognition in the field of entertainment, invites from the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai and ‘DanSeDialogueS’ ,a French Contemporary Dance Festival organized by the French Consulate, Bangalore, to present their recent production ‘Believe, which we originally staged in November 2013, are proof. The company has performed on famous television reality shows such Dance India Dance and India's Got Talent. They take immense pride on being one of India's most recognized dance companies specializing in Belly Dance and Contemporary Dance.
Check out Tarantismo Indiranagar

Dance 360
If you are looking for creative self-expression, dance, fitness, and social opportunities, then Dance360 is your place to be. They aim to bring people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds under one roof through their diverse range of dance routines and convey that dancing is a fun and exciting way to spend time. Dance enthusiasts can expand their knowledge of dance and enjoy being with other people of like interests at Bangalore’s first ISO 9001 2008 Certified Dance Studio and one of the largest dance studios in India. 
Check out Dance 360 Banaswadi

Urhythmix believes that dance lets you find yourself and lose yourself at the same time. Their main focus is to learn and excel in the dance technique, calorie burning and stamina building, a healthy diet plan with a nutritionist. Basically, Urhythmix is the perfect spot for overall development to excel. Or as they say, BElieve in YOUrself, BE RHYTHMIC!
Check out Urhythmix J.P. Nagar

D4U is one of the most successful dance studios in India. It strides on its belief of imparting high-quality work-outs to anyone who is health and fitness conscious along with high-quality training routine. They are associated with various tools of fitness, which offer facilities for Dance, Aerobics, and Gymnasium, hence a complete package for a healthy class lifestyle.
Check out D4U Sarjapur

Lourd Vijay Dance Studio
Lourd Vijay Dance Studio is a space that fosters the growth of Art, through collaboration, education, residencies and performance. Their purpose of artistic collaboration is to influence society, initiate dialogue between artists of varying backgrounds and to provide quality training to community and aspiring art professionals.  Hence its a place where artists and connoisseurs, meet, ponder, train and experiment, making the learning process fun and social.
Check out Lourd Vijay Dance Studio Indiranagar

MaxBurn Dance Fitness Studio
MaxBurn Dance Fitness Studio is a professional organization for the development of contemporary dancing in India. Through its work it supports, initiates understanding of new Indian dance expressions arising from its unique urban structures of living, physical (martial, dance and movement) traditions and performing practices. The Studio thus believes in overall development in its field and impart in-depth knowledge to its students.

Check out MaxBurn Dance Fitness Studio Koramangala

D'Cruz Dance Studio
This dance school is one of Bangalore’s top dance academy with 15000 students coming out of it. With modern facilities like a soundproof studio, air suspended floor, and many more, D'cruz has maintained itself at the top. For all those dance enthusiasts, this Studio is the perfect spot.
Check out D'Cruz Dance Studio

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