First things first, whether you work out in the morning or evening, getting to the gym is quite a task thanks to Bombay traffic, and that’s only after you’ve managed to wake up/leave office in time! From getting overtaken to having to wait for the old aunty to cross the road, the drive to the gym is mostly a frustrating one. However, the ambience and space you work out in can help change your attitude, lift the spirits, and get you in the mood to break a sweat. For those of you looking to shake things up from the run-of-the-mill gyms with only machines and weights, and even for those who don’t think working out is their thing, and want to get fit the fun way, we went out and found the best, most unconventional places to workout in the city! Now you don’t have to cringe at the thought of gym class, or working out next to the overly-sweaty Lokhandwala boy, we’ve got you covered with the hipster hotspots for fitness.

1. The Hive Gym, Versova

A unique fitness studio and gym offering functional and strength training which involves workouts against resistance in such a manner that the improvement in strength directly enhances the performance of movements using versatile equipment which work large muscle groups.

Check out The Hive Gym, Versova

2. The Wooden Stage, Vile Parle East

The wooden stage is the first Aerial Silk School in Mumbai. It focuses on building every individual’s strength and flexibility in the best and safest way possible. The elements and workouts performed on the silk prove way more effective than any other apparatus or form of fitness, on the body’s strength and flexibility.

Check out The Wooden Stage, Vile Parle East

3. The Body Craft House, Khar

The Body Craft House helps its students achieve their goals, which is more than just weight or inch loss. The focus is to make them functionally fit by improving their strength, stability, balance & co-ordination. Aqua fitness, a key feature, has shown amazing results for knee rehab, a common problem that exists among the youth as well. The main aim of the studio is to give the best while not compromising on the quality of exercises. The fitness level of each student is kept in mind so as to offer very safe and effective programs.

Check out The Body Craft House, Khar

4. Yogacara, Khar

Yogacara came about as a means to slow down lifes pace, so that we may learn how to listen. Located in a beautiful garden filled with coconut trees and on the oceanfront, the Yogacara philosophy epitomizes an authentic and traditional approach toward healing and revitalization of ones mind, body, and essential energies.

Check out Yogacara, Khar

5. Integym at Colaba and Bandra West

Situated in the best of locations, Integym is the first of its kind, state-of-art gym and fitness studio to boast of Bodyform - a unique and guaranteed method of weight loss using laser techniques. Their intellignent and integrated fitness methods, surely stand out.

Check out Integym Colaba, Integym Bandra West

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