There’s a reason you just can’t wake up at 6 AM to go for a jog every morning – no matter how hard you try. Your stars aren’t aligned to say so! We already know that your Sun Sign influences your personality as much as it does your mood, but it has a strong connection with your body as well. Your zodiac affects your health and can have a direct impact on your ability/ decision to go for your Hot Yoga class today!
So save yourself all the trouble of choosing the wrong workout regime and pick the one that suits you best right now!

Aries - The Competitive One

As an Arian, you’re known for your bold, strong personality. You’re a go-getter, and exercise and sports come naturally to you. You enjoy the hard work it takes to attain a certain goal and the rush of feelings after winning. You also revel in the thrill of an intense workout – and you need an exercise routine to match your speed. Fast-paced sports (football, basketball), High Intensity Interval Training and more group based competitive regimes like CrossFit will suit you best. 

Taurus – The Calm One

The bull in the Zodiac chart, Taureans are grounded and nearly always the calmest ones. You  relish in the comfort of your familiar surroundings. A stabilizer in most situations, you enjoy being at home despite your thriving social circle. Your calm and patient personality will be complimented by activities that require you to be centered and focused like Yoga, walking, dancing or even a plain old home workout (push-ups, planks – the works).

Gemini – The Clever One

Variety is the spice of your life. You’ve always been intellectually inclined, which reflects in your academics or personality. You tend to always be thinking ahead, never settling for boredom of routine and always looking for more options. More chaotic, but also adaptable than the rest, you are best suited for active exercises like swimming, gymnastics and Pilates.

Cancer – The Loyal One

You’ve probably been going for the same class ever since 2008, and still see no need for change. They’re the kind of people that love taking one item, and making it the center of their Universe. Stable, committed and capable of pushing yourself to the limit, you are also a true water baby. Yoga will help you connect to your emotional side, a strong factor to your personality. Swimming and cardio also matches your soothing nature.

Leo – The Lively One

You love being the center of attention, and relish in anything that allows you to show creatively expressive yourself. Sports and fitness comes naturally to your outgoing nature. A born leader, a Leo will enjoy contact sports (like basketball, boxing or martial arts) as much as Zumba, Salsa and any other class that allows you to show off what you’re good at. These guys even make the most motivational personal trainers!

Virgo – The Efficient One

A keen aspiration for absolute perfection and have all things proper rules the Virgo mind. Even your need to be fit stems from a deeper desire to have a regulated regime. Clean eating and a healthy balance between exercise and diet will make you the happiest. Cycling, hiking and adventurous activities appeal to you, and your strong degree of endurance will keep you going back to long-distance running marathons. Anything that keeps you away from a smelly gym works, honestly.

Libra – The Affectionate One

The social butterfly of all twelve, you are the friendly, harmonious one. As a Libran you are least likely to start a fight or even start an argument. Low impact exercises and strength training will do you good – as motivation is hard to come by at times. Jumping rope, Pilates, stretching and grabbing a buddy for the gym are your ideal workouts – giving you a chance to socialize.

Scorpio - The Intense One

Only a few others know passion as well as Scorpions. You are a competitive, fervent enthusiast who loves serious fitness activities that invigorate your spirits. You love being in charge and anything that gives you a rush of control challenges and excites you. Running, rock climbing, Power Yoga, martial arts and boxing will keep you driven – just the way you like it.

Capricorn – The Strategic One

All about hard work – that’s what Capricorns are. You love accomplishing tasks, and believe that persistence is what leads to ultimate success. You enjoy reaching for new highs, and are determined enough to hit the gym even after a 9-hour work day. Stair climbing, core fusion exercises, gymnastics, jogging and even roller-blading will bring out the best in you. 

Aquarius – The Independent One

You probably enjoy running solo, and here’s why. Original and inventive, Aquarians are free spirits bound by no rules. As a visionary radical activities will always appeal to you. Skydiving and extreme sports are thrilling to you, and you wouldn’t be caught dead at the back of the pack. Cardio activities and anything that’s not run of the mill is right up your alley.

Pisces – The Compassionate One

It’s not your fault you don’t enjoy physical activity as much as the others – the Piscean fish would rather daydream than run a dream marathon. More prone to calmer, spiritual forms of exercise, you should be as close to water as possible. Aqua Zumba, surfing, swimming are ideal, as are ballet and figure skating. 

Sagittarius – The Motivated One

Much like the centaur that represents your sign, you are always keen on a quest. Adventurous activity suits you best, as does anything that is out of the ordinary. These truth-seekers enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle, never falling into the boredom of monotony or static routine. Roller-blading, surfing, rafting, gymnastics, spinning, or even a good power walk will suit you well!

Your Zodiac sign is a guiding light to your idyllic workout regime – but by no means should that stop you from choosing any other exercise form you are keen on. Know and understand your spirit sign before deciding what’s best for you, and it won’t be long until you officially have the Fitness Fever! 

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