Women these days are the master jugglers of responsibilities. They manage to strike out a perfect balance between their personal or professional lives. However while doing so, the much required attention on self is completely lost, and in such cases the idea of fitness is perhaps the last thing on anyone's mind. But there are women who have broken the barrier, taken a plunge and inspired many towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle. These women have carved a niche for themselves in the fitness industry and time and again made everyone realize why a physically and a mentally fit woman is the most attractive one.

This women's day, these awesome fitness gurus share experiences, tips and break the myths for women who've been trying to curb the carbs, hit the gym, or simply want to kickstart their fitness journey.

Anushka Parwani 


Having mastered the various forms of yoga, Anushka believes that yoga made her fall in love with the freedom of movement. She thinks our bodies could do wonderful things with just a little practice and therefore it is all about letting go, conquering fears and getting stronger.

Deepika Mehta


Being one of the very few authorized teachers of Ashtanga practice from the authority institute of the practice, Deepika trains people in yoga not just in India but all over. Emphasizing on the need for movement , she says 'We were born to move, not to be living sedentary lives on desks, so whenever you can in a day try to move, whether it's climbing stairs, walking to buy your groceries, spending time in a park, playing with your kids, or going for a specific class or to the gym. Remember Movement is what gives us joy in life, you will feel much happier from it.'

Eefa Shroff


When it comes to women and the size talks, the ace yoga instructor makes it very clear that there is no one style that fits all. “This is the real world where you have to do your own push-ups, run your own runs and eat your own food.  Simply hiring a trainer or nutritionist and refusing to break your old habits isn't going to make you lose weight. It will only help you lose time and money!” she says, and we couldn’t agree more!

Kalyani Capadia


CEO of the highly acclaimed K11 Academy, Kalyani believes in leading by example. Her husband and a fitness genius Kaizzad Capadia is her greatest motivator. She says ‘My husband is the one who is probably responsible for Women & Strength Training being so popular today. Being married to a guy who loves women to be physically strong, it is easy for me to stay motivated.’

Leena Mogre


Renowned celebrity trainer and fitness expert, Leena Mogre’s tips have done wonders to a lot of celebrities. She thinks the best thing to do is to make small changes in one’s lifestyle rather than changing it completely.

Naini Setalvad


Nutritionist Naini recommends eating seasonal, local and organic food to increase immunity. She says that one needs to add more vegetables, good quality fats of cow’s ghee and coconut in their diet. Eating familiar food helps people stick to their diet plans. 

Namrata Purohit


The pilates expert thinks that fitness should always be fun. And the best way for anyone to start working out and start enjoying their fitness journey is to find a workout routine that they like. 

She lives by a very simple fitness mantra and likes to call it KISSS: Keep it Safe, Simple and Smart.  

Radhika Karle


Ace nutritionist and pilates instructor Radhika points out that being fit is all about consuming healthy and nutritious food, indulging in a physical exercise regularly and having an ideal body fat percentage and muscle mass, also living pain free

Renu Mahtani


According Ms Mahatani, yoga has solutions to all physical conditions of a woman. Talking about PMS and problems related to periods, she recommends practicing ‘vajrasan’as it increases the blood supply to the uterus and also advices regular stretching. ‘How you do things is more important than what you do’ says Renu emphasizing on the form and technique.

Shalini Bhargava


'Realize that fitness is a journey, not a race. And, a better, fitter you will only make your life better but will make the lives of those around you better’ says Shalini who is known for her unique workout style - Masala Bhangra. Reinforcing the need to start with an activity that one enjoys, Shalini believes that it is a good way to start with 3 days of exercise in a week and moving up gradually in terms of frequency, mode and intensity.

Shweta Kulkarni


Living by the famous quote ‘go hard or go home’ Zumba trainer Shweta believes the best way to exercise is when you don’t feel that you are working out and zumba allows her to do that.

Shwetambari Shetty


There is no best way to start fitness, it’s something every human being has to embrace, believes Shwetambari, the renowned zumba trainer. A woman has to deal with multiple changes with her body over the years of growing. Just her hormones may or may not allow her to be the same anymore and hence it is imperative to incorporate any form of exercise in their lifestyles. She says‘ You can start with any form of exercise, Just keep in mind to incorporate all components of fitness, cardio, strength, weights and flexibility.’

Sucheta Pal


‘If you think a minute passed by superfast, then you must have never been on a treadmill’ says the zumba maestro. Choosing a workout which if fun is a great motivator for person to stick to it and zumba is all about fun, laughter and fatburn. Sucheta recommends protein rich diet and advices women to make 4 litres of water intake a daily ritual. 

Sunaina Rekhi


Well known yoga expert, Sunaina suggests the most appropriate way of performing any yoga asana is to practice it on an empty stomach. Followed by a yoga routine, 5 – 10 minutes of Shavasana should be incorporated for a peaceful transition and relaxation.

Vinata Shetty


Being in the fitness industry for over 18 years as a certified and highly sought after crossfit trainer, Vinata is very passionate towards her work and is dedicated towards building awareness to improve health through exercise.

Yasmin Karachiwala 


The lady behind the gorgeous physique of many leading actresses is the first one to establish a pilates studio Mumbai. She believes that correct information is the first step towards starting anything and that every body type requires a different workout regime. Hence it is important to understand what you and your body need before taking on a physical activity form.

Radhika Modi 


According to Radhika, An ideal workout should include 3 days of proper weight/strength training and 2 days of cardio training along with proper stretching and relaxation. Her advice to stay beautiful and healthy is to drink plenty of fluids and not measure foods and calories.

These amazing women and their amazing tips are surely going to help you feel motivated to take your step towards a fitter lifestyle. Ladies, it’s time to fit into your old jeans and flaunt that dress sitting in your wardrobe for ages.

More power to you! Happy Women’s Day!

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