In case you missed the news; obesity is a global problem. Yes, it’s not limited to the United States where supersized popcorns and sodas are just the tip of a very large iceberg, where the ratio between sedentary and active lifestyles is terribly askew. It’s here, in India, and right in your city, your neighbourhood, even your house. Thanks to the efforts of Times Of India recent survey (link) the ugly truth has come out: over 58% of the people who participated in the survey did not consider obesity as an actual disease!

The survey was carried out amongst nearly 10,000 college-going students, mostly in the age bracket of 18-25, and the results were astounding. One in every two people was deemed unfit, and around 42% of the total were found to have abnormal waist sizes. Doctors and experts largely link the problem to consumerism and an affluence of gadgets, which promote a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle.

Dr. Anoop Misra, an endocrinologist from Delhi, said the growing acceptance of plus-sizes is a disturbing aspect. "Nowadays, it is normal to be overweight. In my clinic, patients wonder why they should lose weight when everybody is overweight. If you see more fat people in society, you will believe that being fat is normal,'' he said.

The most noteworthy statistic, however, is the one that counts the number of people who are involved in regular fitness activities – only a meager 6% of the total number of people involved!

But fighting obesity, even the kind that’s hereditary, isn’t an impossible task. There are boot camps and training programs specifically designed for individual goals. The expert nutritionists now even create personalized regimes and help you follow those diet plans to gain the most while losing weight most effectively. The biggest concern is that a lot of citizens today run the risk of being obese and not knowing it, the solution is a simple BMI (Body Mass Index) Test – a meter reading of between 23-25 is overweight, while a reading of over 25 signals obesity.

To read the Times Of India article click here.

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