The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is by far the biggest fitness event that takes place in our fair-weathered (well, at least during the ‘winter’) city. A whopping 42,000 runners will be traversing across the city on M-day, while the rest will be cheering them on. It’s the coming together of a huge running community, and we at couldn’t be happier about being a part of it.

That’s right. merchandise made its way into 42,000 runners’ kits – goodies include sweatbands and sweet discount coupons to our store. We couldn’t think of a better way to introduce ourselves to the thousands of fitness junkies that will be in attendance.

(Speaking of introductions, this video does a pretty good job at doing the same for

You didn’t think that’s all we’d be doing for the marathon, did you? We’re setting up camp at the Running Expo at BKC for 3 days starting from the 10th of Jan, lasting all weekend. We have some fun activities in store, so if you happen to be around, do come say hello.

Waaait. We’re not done. We wouldn’t give up a chance to paint the town orange on race day itself. Spot us running the Dream Run (we won’t be hard to spot, trust us) and wave – we’ll be feeling particularly generous with goodies.

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