Do you stand among ‘I will smash every expectations’ kind, who loves testing yourself at every step when it comes to your fitness journey? Well, if that’s the case, then you’ve definitely come across a skewed word Triathlon – A challenging still fun-filled setup of swim-bike-run. Primarily, it was programmed for elite athletes but with the growing popularity of its enormous fitness gains, it became trendy within the fitness community. A powerful combo commencing with swimming followed by a cycling and finally a run till the finish line assures some serious fitness gains for participants.

Aye! You guess it right; being a Triathlon newbie will test you to the limits like never before, but all you have to do is tick the right boxes meeting it’s training demands and follow our hands-on beginner’s guide to live-up your first Triathlon experience to its utmost best.

1. Planning is the Key:

Triathlon incorporates 3 different forms and you need to master all of them. In that case, smartly customize your workout sessions in such a way that you can strengthen each form. Stretch your workout session from 45 minutes till 1 hour, 3-4 times a week starting with warm-ups, stretching and workout combining swimming, cycling, and running some strength training.

2. Do the ‘Bricks’:

You must be wondering why ‘brick’? Interestingly, Brick is a form of workout, which involves a bike workout followed by a running session. No matter, if you are Usian Bolt fan, running instantly post biking in Triathlon is not easy as your legs feel the weight. Incorporate low-scale ‘Brick’ sessions (start running as soon as you get off from the bike) to make your body get used to the demands.

3. Eat Right:

On the big day, the last thing you want is running out of your energy reserves in the middle of nowhere. Feed yourself with healthy carbs like veggies, fiber-rich fruit and whole grain meals to keep your glycogen (energy converted from carbohydrates) levels up-to the mark. For your pre-race snacking, you can opt for low fiber carbohydrates in the form of fruits like banana, cantaloupe, papaya etc.

4. Sip-Up the H20:

It is regardless to say that you how critical the degree of hydration stand for a Triathlon participant. Experts assert you should not sweat more than 3% of your body weight during working out or during the race as it can cause a significant fall in stamina and subsequently performance levels. Sip-up extra 55-54 ounces of water during your training session to keep the water level in check.

5. Remember to have Fun:

Don’t be from the lot who choose Triathlon only for getting into shape or stick to their fitness habits. You can reap these benefits only if you remember to enjoy it as if you don’t then you won’t go for it again. So, don’t push your limits and relish every moment of it with the expectation to enjoy it instead of winning the race.   

We reckon this got you to get set for Swim-Bike-Run. Sign-up for any Triathlon taking place near you and go through one of the most exciting multisport events. Nevertheless, you can check our events guide for different Fitness events happening across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi NCR.   

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