Duathlon- No, we aren’t taking about a complicated scientific term, it is an athletic event that consists of run-bike-run format. This means, the race begins with a run, then transitions to the bike followed by another stretch of running. Usually spread across a distance of anywhere between, 21- 42 kms, they are a great way to venture into a multisport event.  Yup, intensity levels are quite high and therefore if you are thinking about trying it out for the first time, you need to be equipped with the pre-requisites

Panicking over pacing? Here’s your ultimate guide to everything you need to know before your first Duathlon!

1. Beginning matters

Just like any other race, how you begin charts out the rest of the course. It is very important to maintain the correct pace from the beginning and not be too hard in the start. If you run too fast while beginning the race, chances of you getting tired early are higher. Hence, start calmly, measure out the distances and choose the right pace

2. Practice the ‘Bricks’

The key to a duathlon training is a weekly or fortnightly brick session. While training, do a bike and a run in the same workout. For example, do a short bike ride followed immediately by a run. Complete around 4-6 circuits of these short bike and run segments in a row. These sessions can be practiced outdoors or even at the gym, switching between a treadmill and a stationary bike.

3. Master your transitions

It is extremely essential to practice the transitions before the actual race. Set up a mini transition area somewhere safe and mark out the entry and exit points. After warming up, repeat running in, changing shoes, putting the helmet on and running out to mount your bike. Around 40 minutes of transition practice during training results in great improvement

4. Use 2 pairs of trainers

A duathlon trick that many swear by is the use of 2 separate pairs of shoes for each run. That way, the second pair will be open and perfectly positioned during transition to be simply slipped on. Needless to say shoes should have elastic laces to hold up the practice

5. Get Shorty!

Rigorous physical activity also requires extremely comfortable clothing. Considering the entire event comprises of running and cycling, it would be a wise decision to invest in something you can do both comfortably in. A tri-shorts is a good idea even in case you wouldn’t want to buy the tri-suits.

6. Pain is temporary, glory is forever

Quite possible you could feel your jelly legs right after the first round of run or run like a penguin in the second. It is important to reassure yourself that the pain is temporary and will eventually ease out. So just, relax, focus on your form and find your rhythm. So, tough it out, and keep running!

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