1) Google Maps

One of the few apps that provides worldwide mapping and navigation solutions, Google Maps is a boon for the intrepid traveler. Search for places, plan your routes, even check out public transportation in your destination city. You can also save your maps offline.

2) Google Translate

Don't let language become a barrier when you travel abroad. Google Translate can help you in 60 languages and it also supports voice commands.

3) XE Currency

Wondering how many rupees you spend per pound in England? Check it out on XE Currency. With live exchange rates of more than 180 currencies at your fingertips, you will be able to manage your money better.

4) TripIt

Say goodbye to printed itineraries. With TripIt you can organise the entire trip on your mobile. The app picks up confirmation numbers, flight information and other booking data from your email and builds your itinerary for you in one handy location.

5) TripAdvisor

One of the most used travel review websites, TripAdvisor has a range of apps. The Hotels-Flights app helps you compare several hotels and restaurants, read reviews, compare airfares and find deals. TripAdvisor also offers the City Guides Catalog, which allows you to choose your destination city and download all the information related to it. The guides work offline as well.

6) FlightTrack 5

Never worry about missing your flight again. FlightTrack 5 gives real-time departure details, finds alternate flights in case of cancellations and also helps you navigate airport terminals. This app is available at a nominal cost.

7) WiFi Finder

With Wi-Fi availability becoming an increasingly important requirement for travellers, WiFi Finder is a must-have app on your mobile. It will help you locate Wi-Fi spots in 144 countries and can also be installed on your tablet.

8) Road Trips

If you're travelling by road within India, iXiGo's Road Trips (formerly known as On The Way!) is a nifty little app that will map out your route based on your start and end destinations. It will also pinpoint hotels and restaurants, ATMs, petrol pumps and other utilities on the way as well as any places of interest near your location.

9) RedBus.in

Buses are one of the most convenient forms of transportation within India, especially on inter-state journeys. RedBus.in is a popular portal for making your bus bookings. Their app helps you not only to make a booking via your phone, but also track the bus in real time. You can navigate to your boarding point and the app also gives you weather updates from your destination. The app covers all metros as well as most of the smaller towns and cities.

10) Backpacker GPS Trails Pro

If you plan to take a hiking holiday, invest in the Backpacker GPS Trails Pro app. This app will help you navigate via GPS, even outside a cellular network. Map your route, find campsites, water sources and track your hike. This app is available for a nominal cost.

Using these apps will help you have a hassle-free holiday.

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