Let’s get real here! If you catechize 100 folks, then I bet, majority of them vouch that experiencing a Zumba session has been one of most blissful experience they’ve ever had. It makes you feel wonderful about yourself and allow you to channelize your energy in such a way that you witness an inner joy like no other.

Apart from delivering a joyful session, undoubtedly filled with positivity, a Zumba class offers numerous other benefits for your body, mind and soul. Hence, I’ve jotted down some of them for all you women out there, so that you all can witness the same bliss, which I’ve been experiencing and spreading for almost a decade now:     

 1. Torch-up those extra calories & be A Superwoman:

Zumba is the ultimate fat burning engine helping a woman burn a whopping 600 to 800 calories and sometimes even 1000 calories in a one hour class and with an added incentive of not only increasing cardio strength and endurance but also immensely increasing muscular endurance making them superowoman in the truest sense. Running up three flights of stairs no longer feels like the peak of Himalayas.

2. Say Adios to your biggest Nemesis ‘Stress’:

Happy hormones called endorphins are released as we groove to the Latin and international beats of Zumba making the class a natural stress buster and relieving the ladies of the aches and pains of the body after a hard day’s work at the office desk or running around the kids.

3. Get ready to be the Center of Attraction:

Help all you beautiful ladies to not only let your hair down at a party but also bust a move effortlessly at a night club or at a friends wedding, capturing eyeballs more than the bride with those moves. And you are utmost dance ready anytime anyday.

4.Giving back to the Society

Women are naturally community leaders. Zumba gives us exactly that with several social and community Zumba events across the nation like Zumbathons®-A party for charity or a Zumba® Party in Pink-awareness of breast cancer. Bring women and their families from every walk of life to work together for a social cause. Our small way to give back as woman

5. Be the Torchbearer for all:

One of the most amazing benefits is that every woman becomes the torchbearer for their families for a life of good health and fitness. Be it Zumba® Kids for their little angels to Zumba® Gold for the granddad or simply Aqua Zumba® for her friends, you’ll always have something for everyone and anyone in your circle. You’ll be the squadron chief of wellness for your squad!

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