From ascetic beginnings to being the workout of choice for millions of people around the globe, Yoga has come a long way. Here are 10 studios in Bangalore where you can get in on the action too. Namma-stay!

1. Akshar Power Yoga Academy, Indiranagar

These guys were awarded Best Form of Shakti Flow Yoga™ 2010 by the World Yoga Organization, so you KNOW they’re legit. Head here for their unique combination of 8 styles that will work for the mind, body and spirit.

Check out Akshar Power Yoga Academy, Indiranagar

2. A 1000 Yoga, Whitefield

Whether its power yoga or traditional yoga, for weight loss or obesity management, the certified trainers at ‘A 1000’ Yoga have got you covered.

Check out A 1000 Yoga, Whitefield

3. Shuddham Yoga, Hebbal

We can wax lyrical about the spiritual benefits of yoga all we want, but ‘Shuddham Yoga’ has gone a step ahead and merged Yogic knowledge with learnings from modern-day science, giving you the best of both worlds, quite literally.

Check out Shuddham Yoga, Hebbal

4. Total Yoga, Indiranagar

Started by Yoga veterans Neetu Singh and Manish Pole, Total Yoga works to translate Yoga into every facet of life and towards creating a happy community of Yogis by programs such as Yoga for Runners, Yoga in the Park and Yoga Retreats.

Check out Total Yoga, Indiranagar

5. Aayana Yoga, Jayanagar

Aayana is the real deal - it’s where Yoga teachers in Bangalore go to perfect their form and technique. Other than Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga and Pranayama, they also offer curiously innovative courses such as Yin Yoga and Prop Yoga.

Check out Aayana Yoga, Jayanagar

6. Skanda Yoga, JP Nagar

With special classes for kids and ladies, ‘Skanda Yoga’ also conducts Therapeutic Yoga courses - this is especially beneficial for those trying to get rid of harmful addictions such as nicotine.

Check out Skanda Yoga, JP Nagar

7. Vriddhi

If variety is the spice of your life, you will love Vriddhi. This gorgeous studio has a fully-equipped gym, classes for Zumba, Muay Thai, Aerobics, Shuffle, Spinning and of course, Yoga. Yoga classes can be combined with other activities such as Zumba and Spinning at a package cost.

Check out  Vriddhi

8. Ashmayu Yoga, JP Nagar

The first mover in the space of Anti-gravvity Yoga, Ashmayu Yoga has brought in a new ddimension to the category. Along with this, they also offer integrated yoga, traditional yoga and power yoga, bring in options for holistic fitness

Check out Ashmayu Yoga, JP Nagar

9. Asian Woman The Villa, Koramangala

Few places will make you feel as welcome as ‘Asian Woman The Villa’. This is sprawling 9000 square feet spa cum studio specializes in Asian-style therapies from the regions of from Bali, Malaysia, Singapore and Asia.

Check out Asian Woman The Villa, Koramangala

10. Yogavedagram, Whitefield

Step into Kerala without stepping out of Bangalore, by way of the beautiful ‘Yogavedagram’ studio in Whitefield. Pick from Power Yoga, Traditional Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga, amongst others.

Check out Yogavedagram, Whitefield

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